Being Different

“Why do they always have field trips to water parks? I have to cover up so much that everyone thinks I belong to some stupid religious cult.” So said the 13 year old girl who happens to be my own Vampire child.

“Sweetie your friends know you’re sensitive to sun.” I say that in the best wise mom voice.

“That isn’t the point. I feel like a freak.” She rolls her eyes and shows a little bit of fang.

It breaks my heart to hear my child who is at the top of the food chain so frustrated. Living in the regular word can be frustrating for all of us who are Vampires.

What alternatives do we have? We can be pathetic Shadow Creepers and live like 19th century ghosts. We can be part of the fringe and live like Vampire pimps and whores and con-artists who live for the blood lust and nothing else.

I prefer to remain in the world of Modern Vampires. Sure we clash from time to time with Regular Humans but who doesn’t?

But try explaining that to a frustrated Vampire teen.

“I don’t want to be a Vampire.”

That is usually brief for our self-assured teens, but it is hard when you can’t tell anyone exactly who and what you are. It is weird when you know you have several alternate identities in the works. It is hard to know that at your 50th high school reunion you’ll go, if you go, as your own grandchild.

The benefits, in my opinion outweigh the inconveniences. My husband, who used to be a regular human would beg to differ. But it is what it is.

We talk about it a lot. That is the first key. And we stay connected with other Vampire families. Connections are everything. Keeping traditions and appreciating our own culture is key to being a successful Modern Vampire.

So anyway, does anyone know if Costco sells gallon size containers of SPF 200 sunscreen? I’m looking for hats and sunglasses too. Cool sunglasses. Very cool sunglasses.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman





One thought on “Being Different

  1. I am very very sensitive to the sun light. Even sunscreen irritates my skin. So I have to go swimming or out doors where the sun isn’t at it’s strongest point or carry an umbrella.


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