About Those Angels…

Gabriel_PolyptychI’m not quite sure if I can pull this post off, so forgive me if I seem out of sorts with it.

From time to time someone asks me about Angels. OK it is frequent.

As Modern Vampires we do not teach our children that Vampires are fallen Angels. Vampires are not fallen Angels (some might try to make you thinks so). They aren’t. Get over it.

From my understanding fallen Angels are those who have left the top floor and gone to live in the basement. They hang around on the middle ground as well, causing trouble and seducing humans. They’re nasty creatures.

In modern times (especially the past 20 years) the fallen Angels have become somewhat glamorized in some circles. And not so in others.

Of course we have our good Angels. Those are the ones who watch over us, work as messengers and do good things. They have also flourished in popular culture.

And then there are avenging Angels.

Oh I forgot, how could I forget the ultimate Angel: The Archangel. The hot popular guys of the Angel world.

We (my kind) avoid them. In fact we avoid all Angels.

Biblically there are not that many references to these creatures as one would think and not a whole lot is said. Most of what we hear is conjecture. Sure there is all the Enoch weirdness, but I won’t go there either. This isn’t that sort of blog. I am well versed in religion and know more than most, but I am not a religious scholar. I dare not discuss religion and aside from that I was brought up NOT to discuss religion or politics in public.

I seek my Angels in the art of Raphael and Botticelli.

That said, there are those who don’t fall into the clear-cut categories above or that you’ll find in Sunday school.

Upon meeting those I suspect are “something else” I have been cautious and backed off. I give them no information yet they seem to know everything. I can do much of what they do, but they’re strange and sort of sad as if the burdens of the universe are on their shoulders. But that is their burden, not mine. I ask no questions and seek no answers on my own. My feeling there is “don’t go where you aren’t invited.”

If my brother ever finds his Mermaid again I’ll be there to meet her, but not so with Angels. And knowing Andrew he would find some Angel and fall in love and we’d have to rescue him (as usual.)

I’ve asked Ghosts about Angels and they just shrug. They live in such a weird space that they don’t concern themselves much with well, not with much of anything. Ghosts are sort of the weird kids of the paranormal world and they really don’t give a crap about anyone else.

As we all have seen, in the news, in everyday life, there are forces of good and that of evil. There are those who hurt others for their own selfish gain and pleasure. I have no answer for them, especially those who would prey on children or the elderly. As far as I’m concerned they are evil.

In turn there are those who are good and battle evil each and everyday. I see them working in schools. I see them in hospitals. I see them everywhere. I see that in most of us.

So if perchance I eventually have a story with an Angel in it, I doubt if I’ll even publish it here.

For the sake of all of us, I will stay in my comfortable and familiar world of the Modern Vampire, Werewolf and occasional Ghost. I’ll stay in my world – trying to be a good parent and a passable story teller. This is, after all, the musings of a Modern Vampire Mom.

If you feel, if your truly believe and know that an Angel is watching over you or has come into your life, then it is there. Don’t doubt yourself if you believe in something that you feel. That is between you and your heart, soul and your Angel. Nobody else can tell you what you believe or what you know.

Just don’t let your demons get the best of you.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



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