How to Write a Vampire Story (DIY Projects)

starsHave you been trying to write a Vampire story but just spend hours staring at a blank page? Do you dream of being the next best selling Vampire author? Do you love the passion of Vampires but find your fingers fumbling on your keyboard.

Stare, fumble and dream no more. Now you have the fun and easy way to write your own epic Vampire story.

It is so EASY.

Print out this post or cut and paste the text into a Word document and print it out. Cut out the words below (as individual words, descriptions, names). Put each group of words into individual jars (bags, hats, boxes.) Pick the indicated amount of words from each jar. Write your story.

The Vampires (pick 3-5)

Vlad – one of those opera cape type of Vampires

Catherine – a raven haired wild temptress of a Vampire

Russell – A geeky vampire

Ramona – A passionate Vampire who wishes she was human

Big Rob – A larger than life Texan Vampire who always gets exactly what he wants

Zack – An Enforcer and hunky sexy Vampire guy. Knows his weapons. Has a really big gun.

Jared – A Wall Street Banker, recently turned into a Vampire. Wears really great suits.

Billy – The Vampire with a heart of gold

Jonathan – An ancient Vampire who is smoking hot sexy and deadly

Freda – Vampire Queen

Fiona – A dead ringer for Freda

Larry – A Vampire guy who likes fast cars and faster women

Lissa – Sexy Vampire scientists and university professor

Jeff – A Vampire who runs an antiques shop

Jasmine – An exotic Vampire woman with a secret past

Clay and Desdemona – Vampire hipsters

Other Creatures (pick 2)

Hank – a hunky Werewolf

Piggy – a short fat Werewolf (turns into a pug dog during full moons)

Doris – a fast talking Goblin chick. Likes tight red dresses and green hair

Jenny – A screaming banshee with a keen sense of humor

Nickle – A girl who is really a robot underneath her smooth seductive skin

Mickey – A mouse

Susan – A Zombie

Humans (pick 3-9)

Jack – Tall and handsome with a body to kill for. A serious attorney.

Mavis – A fast talking, hard living biker grandma

Morgan – A beautiful blonde

Dash – handsome fast talking con-man

John – A Hell Fire Minister

David – Cute in a geeky way computer programmer

Liv – Sweet innocent girl of 19, ready to take on the world

Boris – A Russian Count with a dark Secret

Bella – The girl with only one facial expression

Senator Hayes – A powerful US Senator

Jason – A preppy college student

Dr. Fausco – A mad scientist

Dr. Harrison – A History Professor with an interest in Vampires

Stephen – An antiques dealer with a passion for all things dark and mysterious

Daphanie – A romance writer

Fit – Yoga instructor who is also the lead singer for a Metal band.

Kindle – A police detective

Janice – A prim and proper small town librarian who dreams of passion.

Janet – Damn it

Bruce – A Vampire Hunter

Callie – Another Vampire Hunter

Dr. Ralley – Another Vampire Hunter

Twig – A meth cooker and snitch

Locations (pick 3)

Phoenix Arizona

The Swiss Alps

New York City


San Francisco

A deep dark forest

An airport

Washington DC






St. Paul

New Orleans

An ancient crypt

An old church

A castle

An old dark house

A school

A University

Plot Stuff (pick 5)

An unsolved murder

A mysterious lover

They fall in love

A violent blood soaked night of passion

A roll in the hay

A car chase

Snow falling

Locked in a cabin


Gun shots

Finding a treasure

Robbing a bank

Finding a body

Falling in a grave

Buried alive

A creepy sermon

A gathering of bats

A bathtub full of otters

A bubble bath

A wild night of romance

A dark stormy night

Interesting Objects (pick 3-5)

A map

Ancient book in an unknown language

Pink foam curlers


A golden key

Jeweled dagger

Finely carved chair

A complete Meissen Monkey Band

Silver cross

A gun

Fine lace handkerchief

Mysterious locked box

Red shoes

A white beaver hat


Old photo album

A mirror

Crystal ball

Clock with a mysterious chime

A set of crystal goblets

OK everybody, now get to work and write your own Vampire story. Have fun! And don’t forget to check your spelling (something I rarely do but highly recommend.)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman (now you know exactly how I do it)



    1. You never know what you might draw out of that hat! Either keep it really Gothic or make it fun and hot and romantic with a dark edge. Vampires like that dark edge! Hey, thanks for visiting!

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