Shopping List for a Vampire Thanksgiving

Cheese of all kinds

New candle tapers


And Poet’s Blood


And Onions

Marrow Bones

And nice red wine

California Zinfandels plus Chardonnay

Swiss Chard and Dark Green Kale

Deep red apples

Winter squash

Blood Oranges

And a Turkey for our Werewolf friends.

A good port

A nice Bourbon

And mulled blood cider

With the warm scent of fresh baked bread and pie for the ghost

And blessings on all for friendship and love

And joy that we can all sit together

In peace and good company.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


10 thoughts on “Shopping List for a Vampire Thanksgiving

  1. I’m going to miss Thanksgiving with you this year, I am so sad to say. Duty calls.

    Will the elders be there? Do tell them I love them and will visit when I can.

  2. This sounds like a GREAT dinner, Juliette… if I weren’t too scared to end up as entrée, I’d step by to say hello. ROFL


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