Modern Vampire Thanksgiving Wishes

My teens and their friends are all off to the movies to see either Frozen or Enders Game. We all saw Catching Fire last weekend (thumbs up all around – and yes, we read all of the books and love them.)

Movies are a great opportunity for young Vampires to get out and have fun, socialize, see a movie and well, of course, do their Vampire thing. We’ve always trusted our children out after dark, because after all, we are nocturnal creatures.

Teddy and I are going to be homebodies tonight before the big day tomorrow. I have almost everything done and now I just relax. Tomorrow morning we throw the turkey in the smoker, a few things in the oven and we’re done. Macy’s Day parade, a nap, then get up to watch football and a 6:00 Thanksgiving Dinner (always better at night after the sun goes down.)

This year it will be a few family members but mostly friends and a lot of teens. It will be a party.

While I was cleaning stains out of the carpet today I turned on “Almost Human.” I’d never seen it before so I thought I’d check it out. It takes place in the future (about 40 years from now). It is about a damaged cop and his partner, an android who has feelings (and is absolutely darling but in a good non annoying way.) They’re both, cop and android, sort of lost souls and different from others, or at least they feel that way. I can relate.

I think most of my friends can relate too.

But that’s ok. It is ok to be different. That is one of the things I’m most Thankful for is that we ARE all so different.

It is those little personality quirks that make us unique and interesting. Granted sometime annoying, but if we can look past some of the annoying habits, it can be charming.

My friend Matthew and his son Josh and Matthew’s sister Katrina are coming. Josh is a typical 16 year old. Matthew and Katrina are positively Gothic Vampires. And I don’t mean modern cool and lovely Gothic. I mean, “living in a crypt” sort of Gothic. This will be their first modern Thanksgiving  with Modern Vampires. They’re learning a new culture and we embrace them. Sure they’ll be weird in their “I live in a dank, dark Castle with rabid bats and sleep on beds made of cobwebs” sort of way, but after a few glasses of blood, maybe some wine and some spinach dip they’ll be fine.

My husband Teddy even promised to explain all the jokes to them.

So anyway, my goal is for fun and drama free. No discussions on politics or religion or old sour issues that don’t even matter anymore. We are gathering in love and fun to celebrate what we’re Thankful for.

I wish all of you the same. A relaxing day with people you love, good food and brilliant and witty conversations, and football. Maybe even a movie.

To all of my readers – I am so thankful for all of you. I really am. I feel blessed to have you following my tall tales of Vampire teens, friends and family and my musings on life and love.

And to those I follow – YOU ROCK. You know who you are and you’ve opened my mind and entertained me like there is no tomorrow. Thank you.

So gobble gobble and cheers.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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