Walking Spirals: The Art of Gary Grosenberg

Walking Spirals

We all have our favorite things that we look forward to each day. One of mine is looking forward to new posts by visual artist Gary Grosenberg on his blog Walking Spirals.

I have no idea how I found his blog about two years ago, but one of the things that drew me in were the colorful crystal kaleidoscope images full of all sorts of hidden patterns and images. The other thing was the beautiful Tarot card series. From there I discovered many many more designs and forms. And there are words of beauty that follow these images.

Want to be inspired? Walking Spirals is the place. Or if you just want to meditate on some vibrant and unusual images – check it out (click here).

Click here for complete Tarot Card image gallery.

What Gary says about his art and philosophy:

Just out to create the better part of me. Perhaps, to create a better reality, transforming and helping others to transform through art, poetry, video, prose and however else i may find to express myself

Gary: Visual artist, writer, computer consultant, tarot reader, enjoyer of story, legend, picture and song or anything that allows us to bring what is within outward.

Come walk through the spirals, whether universal or individually within the webs of our lives, the spiral exists…








~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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