Go ahead, call me out – I write about Vampires and Romance and I’ll kick your ass!

Alright, I have to admit I wrote that headline to get your attention.

I should have written “Haters are going to hate” or “Read whatever you want – I don’t care.”

This morning I glanced at an article on a well-known news website about Romance writers. It was interesting. It was fun. The writer mentioned the male models who grace the covers with their splendid bodies. Fun stuff. At least it was fun until I scrolled down to all of the rude and snarky comments from those who “don’t like romance.”

OK assholes, if you don’t like Romance DON’T READ IT. If you don’t like Vampires, Erotica, Popular Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense, Zombies, Ghosts, Westerns, Werewolves, Dragons, Fantasy, Time Travel, Medical Drama, Travel Logs, Lumberjack Drama, Amish Adventures, Magical Realism or any other genre type of book then DON’T READ IT.”

I have a secret for you…all the stuff you waste your time hating on isn’t going away.

Get a life. Be happy for a change.

Haters are going to hate. If they don’t hate Romance and Vampires they’ll find something else (like kittens and puppies.)

Don't hate us because we're cute.
Don’t hate us because we’re cute.

If we all liked the same thing all of the time the world would indeed be a boring place.

I write ROMANCE. Not like Nicholas Sparks (who graduated from our high school) or like Nora Roberts or like the authors with wildly sexy long haired men on the covers of their books – but I do write Romance and romantic themes.

I also write about VAMPIRES. Everybody loves to hate on people who write about Vampires. My Vampire stories aren’t like those of Stephanie Meyers or Anne Rice or any number of other authors who write about blood sucking creatures, but that is OK. Viva la blood sucking difference. It is all OK. Don’t get all weird about it. Jeez.

In an alternate universe under a different name I write about other things. I write about things that aren’t Gothic or Paranormal or even weird. Well, sometimes weird and sometimes romantic, but different. But different is good. We all need different. We all have our own normal.

And we all need to be able to be FREE to READ and WRITE whatever we want without being hassled about it by haters.

Kissed by a Vampire

To all of you insecure genre haters: JUST STOP IT. CUT IT OUT. GO AWAY. For heaven’s sake try to smile for a change.

Remember too that haters don’t just stop at Vampires. They pretty much hate everything and everyone given the opportunity. What a sad and pathetic way to live.

My kids talk about haters. We laugh about it sometimes. Sometimes we can’t figure it out. Sometimes we just figure that haters are just nasty trolls who try to use negativity to attempt to make themselves look good. Unfortunately for haters this sort of behavior only makes them look bad.

Talk to your kids about haters. I’m sure they’ve already met someone who has told them “Only dorks read the Boxcar Children books.” Ugh. Or “You’re morbid if you read The Fault in Our Stars.”

That’s all. Thanks for listening to me vent and rant.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


By the way… my ROMANCE stories are featured in the fine publication shown here.

This is the gratuitous plug portion of this blog post. And I don’t make a dime from this – proceeds go to MS Research.

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We are WPaD (Writers, Poets and Deviants), a group of writers from all over the world who have come together to collaborate on a series of themed charity anthologies.

Passion’s Prisms is our salute to romance, presented for your enjoyment.

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Note: This isn’t just some “girlie romance.” The stories are written by both male and female authors. There is something for everyone (guys like this book too)

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vampire girls


  1. Nice post. It’s true that haters are going to hate, and funny that they will go to the lengths of wasting a big part of their time and energy that it takes to hate on something that has no affect on them. I’m just thankful there is so much variety out there so that amongst the things that we don’t like, we can find the things we do.

    1. Thank you Emerald. So good to see you here! Yes, it is funny and sad how much energy they take up hating. This morning I listened to a beautiful story on NPR about a group of Catholic Nuns who sing. I’m not Catholic or a Nun but it was so lovely. Of course all of the haters had to post comments about how they couldn’t understand why anyone who become a nun. What is it with people. They totally missed the point and the beauty of the music. Ugh. Nobody needs that kind of negativity. But we could all use a little understanding and variety!

  2. Reblogged this on THE MASKED MUJER and commented:
    Excellent blog post by Vamire Maman. Don’t feel guilty about the genre and books you like to read just because the pretentious critics are haters. Great post!

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