Savor the Mystery

golden eye

Most Vampire Hunters will be heard in hushed whispers or desperate cries “Don’t look into their eyes or they’ll have you.”

Most Vampire Hunters are idiots but it is true about the eyes. The mirror to the soul and the entrance to all of your wildest dreams and most dreaded nightmares.

The other day Cody, who has only been a Vampire for a couple of years, dropped by.

Cody was rambling on about eyes. “The eyes are the windows to the soul. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t make eye contact. Eye contact is such a volatile thing. In art is is the eyes that make a portrait alive. Have you ever been followed?  Van Gogh’s self-portrait at the Art Institute in Chicago follows you, but a lot of portraits do. I love going into a gallery in a museum and be followed by dead people.”

I had to smile. “They aren’t all dead Cody.”

“You have a point.”

Cody has brown eyes with a glint of green in the light. Mine are hazel, like the blue green of a winter sea.

“So what is it about us that makes eye contact so dangerous?” He smiled showing a bit of fang as he asked me that question.

“We’re Vampires Cody.“

“I know but what makes it work for us?”

“It just does. Like love at first sight.”

“But Juliette, there must be a scientific explanation.”

“There are some things that neither science or religion can explain. It just is what it is.”


I cut him off. “I don’t know everything.  What I do know is that we are hardwired for mystery and seduction and reaching into the very soul of a person. It isn’t a good thing or a bad thing. It is just a thing, but I don’t know how it works. I’m the first to raise my glass to science and reason, but sometimes, just sometimes, we should just accept things and savor the mystery.”

I’m glad Cody asks a lot of questions. One should always question everything. I’m a natural born skeptic. If looking into the eyes of someone can get you blood you don’t stop and try to figure it out. But I also know that sometimes it is lovely to just look into the eyes of a handsome man and feel like laughing and not know why. Wishing you all moments to savor and mysteries to solve

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

6 thoughts on “Savor the Mystery

  1. It’s a grand thing to be able to connect with someone’s eyes and have such an intimacy between you that you can sense the humor and laugh…, or sense te other emotions and…..

  2. I love this post, Juliette!! It’s very charming, and scientific in many ways. 🙂 Eyes fascinate me as well… you will find out soon enough. *wink-wink*


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