Vampire Summer

Summer is a double edged sword for Vampires.

The burning heat makes me grouchy and sick. My kids are covered up as if we were i being attacked by chemical weapons or hiding from paparazzi. The sun never seems to set.

On the good side everyone is out and about wearing hardly anything. Not the Vampires, the others. It makes things easy for us. The seduction and conquest are much easier. One the warm summer nights we can expose our own skin. Sometimes it feels good to feel that warm breeze on our cold bodies.

We are attractive because of our coldness. Oh to find a beautiful woman and feel her cool skin when everyone else around you is hot and sweaty. And of course she is beautiful. All Vampires are beautiful when they want to be.

In the evenings we take clandestine swims in the lakes, except for those of us who have pools. In the water we float on our backs and watch the stars and the bats, cool cups of blood mixed with wine or vodka and laugh together in quiet voices.

We walk in the woods at night, the dry grass under our feet, quietly with the ghosts and other spirits that are drawn out by the warm summer air. Even they are warmed by the memories of life.

It is the first day of summer. We don’t celebrate but we do take note and count the days down to fall.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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