I want to drive about 150 mph in the dark with no lights on.

Yes, there are things that are difficult to explain to our children.

Once Nathaniel Chase, the most cunning Vampire I’ve ever known tried to explain the feeling one gets from discovering they’ve been betrayed.



One never expects it. To be betrayed is always an issue of lost trust. It is bitter – more so than almost anything one can experience.

But one must not react with quick anger but with thought and a calculated plan. Nobody said it would take the pain Or shock away but in the long run you will be the better for it.

Seek not revenge but long term gain. Be it business or love or something else – get the facts, make a plan, be true to yourself, and do not let them beat you down or see your true feelings.



I have been angry at Nathaniel Chase so many times for his condescending attitude and disapproval but he has never betrayed me.

It is a hard lesson to teach our children. Even Nathaniel couldn’t answer my question. I just know those who betrayed Nathaniel Chase ended up in the most horrific of Halloween stories…and it wasn’t pretty.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Vampire mom


  1. Yes… betrayal… a story I could tell…
    I’ve been going through this several times – and it never stops hurting. I do agree with most of what Nathaniel says…
    But not everything… I have allowed myself to find a quite satisfying ritual for myself after facing betrayal…
    Do I make a lesson and learning for myself? Yes. Do I shout out in anger? No
    Do I take it as a long term experience and try to learn from it? Definitely.
    But will I forget revenge? HELL NO!!
    I will pay back. Not necessarily because it’s necessary… but believe me: it makes me feel a hell lot better!!

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