Ghosts of a Halloween Dawn

This morning, this early early Halloween morning, before the dawn when just a shadow of the trees like black lace can be seen I looked outside and saw a ghost.

Damn it all. I hate ghosts. I barley tolerate the ones I don’t hate. I stepped out on my deck to chase it away when…

He turned and looked at me. My heart would have stopped had it been beating at the time.

“Juliette,” he whispered my name.

I had a million questions and no answers. He never gave any answers. As I stood, trying to get out words that never left my mouth he blew me a kiss and vanished.

Standing numb I thought of just a few hours ago when I lay with my arms around the man I love. Once a man, now a Vampire, never a ghost.

As I turned to go inside a different voice said, “Today is Halloween Vampire.”

I whipped around to find The Ghost, my Ghost, Nigel. “Happy Halloween. Big night?”

“Maybe,” he said with a sly smile, brushing his dark shaggy hair out of his eyes. “You?”

“Just hanging out here with friends and kids. You know, doing the Halloween thing. Sharing some blood and friendship.”

“Have fun. Don’t kill anyone.”

“You too.”

Then he vanished. He does that, just vanishes. But unlike the other ghost he’ll be back.

Happy Halloween.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

3 thoughts on “Ghosts of a Halloween Dawn

  1. Our ghosts are up to something. First Laurie’s beret disappeared and then one of good, very sharp Japanese knives. Both just vanished this week. Spunk see’s the ghosts, stalks and pounces, and then acts surprised that he ends up with nothing. The thought of ghosts with an Italian beret and sharp Japanese knife is not very comforting.

    • Uh Oh. That doesn’t sound promising. With any luck that ghost will be looking for French bread rather than… well you.

      Around my house the Ghost takes the keys. Socks too, put just one from each pair (yes THAT is what happens to them!) Happy Halloween!

      • Their latest prank was to break the toilet seat. I lifted the lid and the seat was broken in two. Toilet seats don’t just break of their own free will that I know of.

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