Short Story Sunday: Star Crossed Wars

First posted a year ago. A short story of the heart with Vampires ~ Juliette.

Vampire Maman

May the fourth be with you.

red heart

Star Crossed Wars

Undying lust was the feeling that always came up first when he looked at the woman next to him. She was dressed in old jeans and a black tee shirt, cleaning her weapons with the radio turned up too loud. It was a late night rebroadcast of Science Friday. She was such a surprise.

He walked up to her and stood close, as he always did when he wanted her. Later as they lay back on the bed she opened an eye and gave him a half smile.

“Remember when we saw Star Wars the first time, in the theater.”

“It was the most amazing movie we’d ever seen,” he answered and kissed her. His mouth went to her neck where he brushed his fangs across her cool skin.

“I was always bothered by that Vampire creature in the bar,” she told…

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6 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: Star Crossed Wars

  1. When we lived in Madrid, Spain, there was an old movie theater with a big screen not far from where we lived. We saw the original Star Wars on that big screen with great sound. That was the last movie showed on that screen — they closed the theater after that showing, and remodeled it into a 4 screen theater. It also turned out that had been the last big screen left in Madrid before the remodel. Sad!

    • I’m glad you like the post. But you’re not freaky for not liking Star Wars. I like the original three but I’m not fond of the newer movies. That said, May The Fourth Be With You. 🙂


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