Hotter than the pavement outside – Vincent Price!

Oh baby it IS hot outside!

Vampire Maman

It is too hot to even think right now – about 107 F outside and the air conditioning isn’t what it should be…so I’m re-posting something hotter than the pavement in front of my house – Vincent Price.

Enjoy and stay cool!

You might just remember Vincent Price from all of the old Poe related and vampire movies. Watch this and you’ll change your mind (click here).

Warning ladies: You’ll want to watch it over and over and over. You’ll swoon for sure.

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6 thoughts on “Hotter than the pavement outside – Vincent Price!

  1. I always like Vincent Price. His son lives in Albuquerque, and we have ran across each other of a few times in the past through mutual friends. We decided we could be related somehow from way, way back in the distant past, but couldn’t come up with any relatives in common in the past hundred or so years. 107 is pretty hot. We’ve had rain almost every day this week and it’s supposed to rain through the weekend. I’m trying to repair the roof, which isn’t easy when every thing is so wet.

      • That’s what we though from 2010 to the summer of 2013, the really dry spell in the 20 years of dryness for NM. From January 1st to the 2nd week of July in 2013, we got no measurable precipitation. When we came back from our 5 weeks in France in June 2103, Albuquerque looked like parched earth. Then it started raining the second week of July and in the 5 1/2 months to December 31, 2013 we went from 0.001 inch of rain the first half of the year to over 12 inches of rain in the second half of the year — more than 4″ over the long-term average rainfall for the Albuquerque area and more rain than we had gotten in any single year for almost 20 years. The drought is “officially” over for NM, and we may be starting the next 25 year weather cycle that will bring us more precipitation.


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