They grow up – so teach them to laugh.

“She said she used to think he was “the one” then she realized he was just the one she was having sex with. Then he realized it was a mistake, the break up, and him being in heavy like over another girl he met this summer. By then he’d agreed to go to Europe for the whole young vampire Europe things so many of them do. I think he going to do some work with Logan. That is a good thing. They’ll see the real dark side of humanity. I just feel so bad for Lauren. I know she’ll get over it, I mean she was more or less over it in June.”

My sister-in-law Verity was talking about my niece Lauren who is a Senior in college this year. Logan is my nephew who just graduated from law school. John is the ex-boyfriend or whatever he was.

“We all love John. I think Lauren will remain friends with him, but just friends. John is such a dark Vampire, even for our family. Lauren on the other hand is more light and delightful. She is like you and Val, you know, all bright and funny. John isn’t funny. He takes everything, and I mean EVERYTHING so seriously. He is such an alpha.”

I let her ramble about her adult children. They are young adults but adults none the less. They make stupid mistakes when it comes to their hearts. They think they know it all but they’re just learning. They don’t know what to say or how to react to situations. They don’t have the experience to see what they need to see.

It is the same as parents. We don’t know what our children will do once they’ve flown out into the world.

Of course as Vampires they’re a lot more savvy about the ways of the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel, or desire, or have dreams.

They’re driven to succeed, my children and Verity’s children.

My elder three brothers were driven to succeed (this includes Verity’s husband Aaron.) My brother Val and I, the youngest of the brood, thought we were driven. I’m sure we drove everyone crazy with our misadventures. But we ended up calm and sometimes wise, and thoughtful. I’m still up for an adventure. I’m still fun. But that is because Val and I learned from our mistakes. Just listening to vague old fashioned advice didn’t work for us. We needed to learn on our own. And yes, Val and I are funny. We can be really funny. We’re pee your pants and spit milk out of your nose funny. We’re also Vampires. Contrary to popular belief Vampires and humor make strange and very delightful bed fellows.

But I’ve raised my children to be smart and cautious. I’ve raised them to think before they speak. I’ve also raised them to laugh. I mean, seriously, we’re Vampires so we have to think about these things a lot. One slip of the lips, or anything else, and we’re toast. Do you know how many Vampire Hunters are out there. A lot, and a good 95% of them are whack jobs.

Now what was I going to say? Oh yes, talk to your kids. Talk to them about everything. Make sure you teach them to be safe, and sound, and calm. But teach them to laugh too. No matter what you are or what you do, remember to laugh.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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