No Connection

This morning I dropped my computer off at the broken down computer shop. The shop is local and more or less a one guy shop. I could have gone down to the insanely busy and hip Apple Store and driven around an hour to find parking (seriously), but I decided to bring my square headed boyfriend and business partner to the nice computer guy in my neighborhood. I could have driven a few blocks more and been at the gates of Folsom Prison but anyway…

My computer isn’t charging. So for today I found someone else. The square headed boyfriend that I’m using today is cool. His name is Dell. He is dark and handsome with a really big screen.

So I wait with Dell, handsome but a little slow and unfamiliar. He is a good one, and at one time I would have been happy with Dell, but my Mac knows me. Mac and I have been through a lot. I’ve put him through a lot. I mean, there are a lot of things I wish he could do better, but I’m happy to have him.

Mac had been slowing down, not charging, and not making a good connection. This morning he wasn’t responding at all.

My phone is in my back pocked so I won’t miss the call. I hope the news is good.

I’m sorry Dell, I love you and your big 17 inch screen, but it just isn’t working. You don’t have the right software.

But as long as Mac is away… he’ll never know.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

15 thoughts on “No Connection

  1. But the burning question is “how big is Mr. Dell’s hard drive?” It’s a man thing you know — hard drive envy and all that! My old Mac has been giving me issues, but it’s my Mac only in as much as all the stupid cloud software we are being forced to use constantly reminds me that I don’t have enough memory (I am getting forgetful), my video card is inadequate, and my small hard drive is well too small. I can deal with insults about my inadequate hardware, but what is really annoying is that many of the websites I use are not keeping up with the latest browser updates and fail on many levels.

    • HA HA HA HA. Big enough. Oh those updates every few minutes drive me nuts. And I don’t get the whole Cloud thing. As with all Apple products there are too many passwords that never ever work for me. Maybe it is my weird magnetic force that blows out everything – or maybe it is Apple.

  2. Aww so sorry about your computer issues! I’m stuck with work-issued Lenovo ThinkPad, while my hubby swears by his 15-inch Dell Inspiron laptop. My daughter basically refuses to use anything PC,l, as she has her MacBook, school-issued iPad, and personal iPhone. (She cracked the screen on her iPhone the other day dropping it, we got it for her Christmas last year. It’s still usable and she stuck a Winnie-the-Pooh sticker over the worst cracked part to prevent it from cracking even more.) You have a daughter the same age, I am sure you know what I’m going through!!!!

    • The Dell is my husband’s. It is a beautiful 17 inch Inspiron (a birthday present from me a couple of years ago). But it has some issues like missing keys. Sort of like a handsome, smart guy with missing teeth. That is due to “someone,” maybe a teenager spilling something on the keyboard a few months ago. In the meantime I have my Mac for graphics work – I hope. The hard drive is almost dead and the power source is completely dead. With any luck I’ll get it back maybe tomorrow… maybe by Christmas. In the meantime it is just Dell and me.

  3. I hope Mac comes back with a clean bill of health or spawns worthy offspring. I keep a Windows desktop and laptop, but my tablet and phone are both Apple and everything is synced securely to the cloud. If NASA thought the Space Shuttle needed seven backup computers, four should be good enough for mortal writers, right?

    • My power charging system is dead. The battery is ok. The cord is ok, but what hooks them up is gone. Unfortunately the hard drive is also going click click click and ready to explode. I find it amazing that NASA sent men to the moon with computers that were slightly less powerful than my teens calculator she uses in school (it was a cheap one from Target too, not a fancy TI one). Where there is a will there is a way. I have pens, I have pencils, I have paper.

  4. This reminds me of those Mac vs. PC commercials Apple ran about a decade ago. They never failed to crack me up, even though I really wasn’t computer savvy enough to understand them. Of course, I’m the same way with Dilbert… I find it hilarious even though I’ve never worked in an office environment…


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