Girl in the Woods (Serial Novel Part 9 – The Party Continues)

Each Friday during 2016 I’ll be posting an installment of Girl in the Woods, an epic Novel I wrote over ten years ago when my children were babies. If you’re new to this adventure CLICK HERE to start from the beginning. Or go to the sidebar on the main page of this blog to find the page.


The Party Continues

Alexander greeted his Uncle Logan, who was more of an older brother to him.

“It was good to finally meet Annie Hawthorne, “ said Alexander. “She thinks the world of you Logan.”

“And I of her. She’s a remarkable young woman. Jeff was quite taken by her. I think love is in the air.”

Alexander poured them both a glass of wine. “Here’s to the Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne for providing us with such humble and charming woman to share our lives with.”

Logan lifted his glass “To the Hawthorns”

Just then Candi walked up with Jeff who was now dressed for the party. Alexander assumed his baby brother had come through the back door. Jeff no longer looked annoyed and seemed smitten with the Princess.

Candi took Alexander’s arm and smiled sweetly. “I couldn’t help but overhear you talking about the Hawthorne family. Annjanette and her brother Anvil have overcome all odds with their success. It’s a fascinating story. Did you know their grandfather was hanged for murder? And their mother worked for…”

“Candi, please don’t say anything else,” said Logan.

“She was a professional whore, licensed and everything. It is public record,” said Candi with her signature pout.

“Do you know Annie?” Said Jeff trying to conceal his shock.

“No,” said Candi, “but I know a lot about them.”

Logan spoke up. “Candi dear, if you wish to be part our inner circle, don’t repeat every nasty little thing you hear. Especially if it’s about people we know, and love. “

“Logan, I’m sure she meant no harm”, said Jeff.

“I’m sure she didn’t Jeffery.” Logan pulled his nephew aside, “I don’t care if Candi is your future sister-in-law, don’t encourage the little imbecile.”

“Logan, I’m as shocked as you are.”

“I don’t know where Candi got her information, but it isn’t public knowledge. Unfortunately it is true. If you say anything to Annie, or judge her by this, I will personally beat that handsome face of yours into an unrecognizable pulp. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to mingle before I smash something over your head.”



Even with Candi on his arm, Alexander’s mind was somewhere else. She seemed to notice and fluttered off to find Jeff.

In a few weeks Logan would be leaving for a cross country goodwill trip with Justin Snowhawk, who ruled Universal Technologies headquarters in the Crystal Mountain Republic.

Alexander envied Logan for his trip. He thought about meeting Justin Snowhawk a year earlier. It was at a visit at Simon’s in Meadow Creek. They spent an afternoon fishing on Simon’s Greenwood property.

Justin’s good looks could even intimidate Alexander. In contrast his kind gentle nature had gained him a reputation as sort of a saint. It was Justin’s eyes that Alexander remembered. They were expressive and he always looked as if he could see inside of one’s very soul. The golden brown was almost metallic and distracting.

Alexander heard laughing and looked up to where his sister stood telling a tall tale, at his expense no doubt. He thought of Justin speaking of his own twin sister, in his musical lilting accent.

“Olivia took care me when we were small. While our father was away she protected me like a mother wolf. She saved my life more than once. As a small child I was not only blind, but I also walked with a limp. You see, Alexander, these aren’t the eyes I was born with. I got my first set when I was 6. I’ve had these for about 20 years. They aren’t human eyes as you can tell or even organic.

I miss my sister dearly, but knowing that she’s found such happiness in your land takes away some of my loss. To see her so content is a joy I can’t even begin to describe.

She’s a pretty thing. I suspect one day she’ll come back to the Crystal Mountains to find a man to partner up with. Too bad she’s in Riverbend right now, I would have liked for you to meet her. When she gets back you ought to pay her a visit.” Then he laughs at the idea. “Not for romance mind you. I’d never wish that on any of my friends.”

With that Justin snagged a fish and the subject of his sister was closed. Yes, he should have paid Olivia Snowhawk a visit but never got around to it Alexander thought about joining Logan and Justin for a few weeks. Simon had also talked of going along as well.

Alexander was lost in his thoughts, forgetting about greeting his guest when a hand came around his waist.

“How’s my prince?” asked Ellie. She looked stunning as always.

He took her in his arms. “Run away with me Ellie. We can start a new life together, change our names, spend the rest of our days on a warm tropical island in the southern seas.”

“I’ll pack tonight after Simon goes to bed.”

“I’ve thought about joining Logan and Justin for a few weeks on their grand adventure.”

“You should. I adore Justin. Spending a few weeks with him would definitely help settle your nerves.”

I love you Ellie, but I’m glad you dumped me for Simon. I could have never made you happy.”

“Your happiness is out there Alexander.”

“What do you see?”

“”I’ve known you my whole life Alexander. I know you like few people do. You’ve had a change of mind. I can tell. Something happened today. What was it?”

Nothing happened. I went for a walk by the ruins. I had a fight with Jeff. I took care of some paperwork then had a fight with my dad. Fortunately my mother still loves me. Next Candi showed up and told me that she hates my house. She then kissed me and I almost lost my mind and let her take advantage of me, but Julianna showed up and saved me. Then the party started. That’s it. Nothing more than a usual Friday. Ellie, I should be excited, I should be brimming with joy over the idea of marriage to Candi but I don’t feel anything for her except maybe a sense of forced duty.”

“You don’t have much in common with her, do you?”

“Marriage is a partnership Alexander. What you need is a woman who will rescue you.”

“Rescue me from what?”

“You need someone to rescue you from yourself.”


Check back next Friday for more of the story, and a lot of surprises.

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