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About Vampire Novels

Dear Juliette,

My vampire novel is currently under consideration by a publisher.

My human protagonist and vampire antagonists follow very traditional lines.

The vampires are governed by the rules Universal Pictures laid down during the Universal Golden Age of the 1930’s and 40’s. However, there is a twist which has never been used in any literature or film, yet still fits in the Universal mold. By the way, this twist is simply not “literary license.” I have proven the technique actually works in the real world. But I give you my word, it has not been used against a real vampire, or any being for that matter.

As a modern vampire, what are your feel about new literature, which portrays vampires along the older guidelines? Is it considered insulting or in any way defaming to vampires?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

~ Interested Author


Dear Interested,

First of all congratulations on your novel and impending publication.

I have no problems with traditional vampire stories. As long as a story is written well and captures my imagination then I’m all for it.

Whatever you write, that is your story. From Bram Stoker to Anne Rice to the icky sparkly vampires of Twilight, I’m up for anything that will entertain and get people reading.

Vampires aren’t insulted by much of anything. Aside from a few blogs like this most people still think vampires are imaginary creatures. We sort of like to keep it that way too.

And hey, if you’re a vampire, no matter how modern and “nice” you are, you’re still a predator deep down inside. Really, you are.

This brings up the whole vampire bashing phenomenon I’ve noticed when I’ve found myself confronted by trolls. I tend to either ignore them or inform them that what I write is MY story to tell, not their story. Promise me you’ll do the same if anyone attempts to bash your work.

The traditional vampire tradition, and I’ll start with Dracula, is rich and a lot of fun.


And one more thing…tell your agent to check out my blog. There might be a book in here somewhere.

~ Juliette


Vlad to meet you. Juliette is going to bed now. But not with me.

Ask Juliette (Ask A Vampire – Advice for Everyone) is a regular Thursday feature on Vampire Maman.

These are real questions from real readers. If you have a question about relationships, parenting, Vampires, paranormal stuff, fashion, Zombies, art, or ANYTHING just ask and I’ll try to answer. If might not be the answer you expect, but it will be an answer.

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  1. “Aside from a few blogs like this most people still think vampires are imaginary creatures.” Perfect, Juliette.

    The greatest feat ever accomplished by Vampires was convincing the world they don’t exist.

    Break a fang with the new book, Mr. Author!

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