A Vampire Parent At Wordcamp Sacramento

I’ll be at the Sacramento WordCamp today. If you’re there look for me. No, do not look for some weird gothic blood dripping weirdo. I’m in a blue shirt and olive green pants.

I am also carrying my Evil Squirrel American Gothic bag.

Earlier this morning I’d dropped my friend Amelia off at the airport. I’m at Temple Coffee Roasters trying to write on my tiny phone. No small task.

We had a reunion this weekend for all of us young Vampires who came of age in the 70’s – the 1870’s. Nigel the Ghost was also at his 40th high school class reunion. That was interesting.

I’ll give you an update tonight. No Short Story Sunday today. If you need your story fix look on the left sidebar for stories. I know you haven’t read them all.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Man


2 thoughts on “A Vampire Parent At Wordcamp Sacramento

    • We are the ones I am supporting – the squirrels, the vampires, the writers, and dreamers (think of that song with Kermit the Frog – it always chokes me up.) There are so many of us who are not blogging for non-profits, businesses, or tech companies. The community of writers, artists, cartoonists, pet people, wild life watchers, poets, historians, scientists, music fans, and of course vampire parenting blogs was under supported and under represented. We blog for the love of it, and for the community, and, well, we all have our reasons. I’ll keep shouting out for our community.

      OMG you should have seen the faces when a speaker asked me what I blogged about. Yes, I made him smile big. May we all continue to be awesome and unexpected in our not so small corner of the blogging universe.


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