A friend of mine recently had something blow up (home repair) in his handsome face and now has a row of stitches across his forehead that would make Frankenstein’s Creature jealous.

It old him that chicks dig scars. Then another friend questioned my reasoning. Excuse me?

This is my answer:

If a guy has scars on his hands it proves that he can work on cars, or is other wise willing to get his hands dirty. There are always good stories behind scars (even you make em up.) Scars are the sign of an interesting life. Scars also prove that a man is not some pansy assed wimp who spends his life doing nothing but reading Proust, and drinking double soy fat free pumpkin spice lattes.

I’m happy to say my friend is still healthy and handsome.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. One of my former managers once told me that when she was interviewing job applicants for Mecca, she always decided on the handshake if she was going to hire that person or not. And it had nothing to do with how firm the handshake was, but whether or not they were the hardened hands of someone who did a lot of hard work, or the soft hands of someone who reads Proust and drinks pumpkin spiced lattes…

    I laughed and told her it would’ve been a shame that had she interviewed me I’d have never been hired…

  2. Scars are always interesting, and can be useful. And not just in Harry Potter! Although a scar that’s an exact map of the London Underground is only useful if you spend a lot of time in London, if you ask me.

    Technically, tattoos are scars, aren’t they? And they definitely tell stories. (Even if the story starts “well, I was really, really drunk one night…”)

      1. Do you know any vampires with tattoos? After reading the Twilight saga it set me wondering about what would happen if a human had implants or joint replacements and was then turned into a vampire. Not in that silly sparkly universe but in real life where people have to have hip replacement surgery and so on.

        Yeah, I think of most strange things at times.

        1. No we do not sparkle. And hundred year old guys who date high school girls are not accepted into nice Vampire society.

          Speaking of bad ink….

          For the Vampires contemplating tattoos, forget it. It is expensive and painful and in 2-6 weeks it will be gone.

          YES GONE. Vampire skin purges all foreign items including – you guessed it – ink. The tattoo will start to fade away within a day. The more you have it inked the faster the ink will fade. It’s just the way we’re made.

          You’re better off with a temporary tattoo.Wait a minute…give me a Sharpie and I’ll draw something on your arm for you.

          As for new joints, new eye parts, plates in skulls, etc., yes if someone becomes a Vampire they get to keep their metal, but in Vampires the new parts tend to work better.

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