Famous Monsters and Friends

Oh my monsters and horror! Halloween is right around the corner. To get you in the mood I’m sharing some Famous Monsters of Filmland, and other interesting monster themed magazine and comics covers. These aren’t my favorites but I’ll share this batch with you anyway. Yikes some of these guys are ugly (but remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.) Had fun!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Famous Monster
A face only a mother would love
2016-03-26 08.13.22
I told him not to slide down the street on is face, but what did he do?
2016-03-26 08.13.39
This is just sort of stupid but I know somebody out there likes this shit.
Everybody loves Victor’s Creature.
2016-03-26 08.14.12
Hey honey, got any chap stick in your purse?
2016-03-26 08.14.31
He needs to see the guys on “Botched.”
2016-03-27 14.03.13
Oh come on, you can give us a smile. Don’t be such a dick.
2016-03-27 14.03.27
Nice ape. I’ll fix you a grilled cheese sammie with a nice glass of wine. You want tomato on that?
2016-03-27 14.07.12
If you think a clown coming out of the gutter is bad, just imagine THIS.
2016-03-27 14.07.18
So you aren’t the best looking guy at the class reunion. Get over it dude.
2016-03-27 14.07.26
This guy is a total douche. Come on girl get up and poke his eyes out. I think somebody eventually rescues her, but still, tell your kids to keep their clothes on and stay away from weird guys with knives.
2016-03-27 14.07.31
I want my mummy.


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