Burning Question #37: Under the Sea


One of the most popular and discussed Burning Questions (#6) in the past was about mermaids. Would you eat one? It was fun. Come on admit it. Check it out here (CLICK here.)

But first, we’re all going to sing… hit it Bobby.

This week features the question that everyone is asking. I know you are. Be it science or romance we all have our opinions.


When I talk about Mermaids I mean all Merfolks – Mermen, Mergals, Merkids and anyone who is human on top and some sort of aquatic sea mammal on the bottom (with a tail.)

Burning Question #37: Do Mermaids Exist?

Burning Question #


The Art on this post is from Society6 Artists. Very cool stuff.

Mermaid at Midnight Art Print

by Justin Gedak

Fire and Water Art Print

by Kaitlin McClellan

Didn’t I tell you Art Print

by True Colors

Also check out the “Mermaids, the Body Found” on Animal Planet. It is a mockumentary  but a lot of fun. Hecka fun. You’ll be believing after you see this fictional show.

My husband Teddy said I should ask about pardoning turkeys but I was in a mermaid sort of mood tonight. I’m also swamped with other stuff and totally forgot about this until just now. But the show must go on.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on Mermaids, turkeys, and anything else you might have to say.

So have fun and I’ll see you next Saturday for another Burning Question.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman





  1. I know for a fact that unicorns exist, so mermaids really must as well. That makes me wonder now what you’d get if you bred a unicorn with a mermaid. Some kind of sea horse, I guess…

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