Burning Question #6: Fish Tails


It is Saturday which means it is time for you to answer a BURNING QUESTION. It is TIME for ANSWERS.

Today’s rather fishy question is #6 of 50 Burning Questions to be featured RIGHT HERE on Vampiremaman.com. Keep checking back every single Saturday until we reach FIFTY.


Do the POLL. Yes, you MUST answer the question. It is fast, easy, guilt free, and your information will not be sold unless I can get a lot of money for it.

And now for something to leave a bad taste in your mouth…

Mermaids live in the ocean. The upper half is human and the bottom half is fish. If you’re going to be biologically correct the bottom half would be, theoretically, more like a dolphin or whale tail, or maybe even a seal, because mermaids evolved from mammal humans (duh.) But you never know, it might have scales and be like a fish.

Humans have long been fascinated with mermaids. They have been pictured as seductive dames of the sea, and as nasty horrible creatures who’d rather bite and pull you under the sea than have a civil conversation with you. This includes both mermaids and merguys. They’re kind of like us, but they’re not really human. Or maybe they’re half human. Or maybe their DNA is 99.99% human. Or maybe their DNA is 99% salmon. Not really, but you never know. They could have evolved from Neanderthals for all we know, and as we all know everyone with blue/hazel/green/non-brown eyes has a little bit of Neanderthal in them. THAT is a scientific fact.

Or, and you never know, mermaids might be vampires who were driven into the sea by hordes of haters who just didn’t want to sit down and talk it out. For heaven sakes why can’t we all just all get along and be friends?

Be my Neanderthal baby.

So that brings up some interesting questions, including today’s Burning Question.

Burning Question #6: If you eat a mermaid is it cannibalism?


No matter what your answer you’ll be shouting “Winner! Winner! Mermaid Dinner!”

Have fun everyone and don’t get too close to dark water, or dark eyed children with fish tails for that matter. You know how strange life in dark waters can be.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




  1. A mermaid is a ‘humanoid’ – or let’s say a human-like individual an therefore it is cannibalism. But why in all the world would someone want to eat a mermaid? I think that’s the more burning question… at least to me. LOL

  2. Mermaid tastes best with lemon butter and French fries. Merman on the other hand, goes with sausage.

  3. I had to vote for “which end you eat” only because that was my first thought before I saw the poll choices….

    So….. if a mermaid is half human and half fish (or whatever)… how come you never see creatures with a fishy upper half and human legs? There’s a burning question…

    1. And for that matter, you an extend that question to centaurs, satrys, and whatever other humans there are out there with the ass end of an animal attached to them…

      1. Good question. You know that CATS are the exception.
        If you look at this old post you can see an example. https://vampiremaman.com/2016/12/27/angry-vampire-rules-to-live-by/

        There are the fish and frog footmen in Alice and Wonderland. Or just look at any Science Fiction adventure. There are loads of aliens with animal heads and human bodies.

        People (humans) are so incredibly vain that they usually can’t imagine something having a head that is anything other than human. When we see something that has an animal head and human body it is either halarious or super creepy and uncomfortable. Our faces are our identities. Anything other than human goes against all that is “right” according to most mythologies and comfort zones. I’m just pulling this out of my ass without any reference, but age and experience say that I’m right. On the other hand being a horse’s ass is always more insulting than being called a horse head. Even a frog butt is more insulting than a frog face. OK maybe that was a bad example. That is a burning question.

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