Juliette’s Book Club: Books we didn’t like this summer

It is bad enough that we can’t travel this summer, but at least it would have been nice to have great books to read at home. I try not to be negative but I am so tired of starting books, or even finishing books that are not worth the time or money I spent on them.

Just as a heads up my list of books I don’t like includes all books by Sue Grafton, The Bridges of Madison County, Eat Pray Love, Twilight (the entire series), and more others that I don’t even want to think of. But this summer we’ve hit the jackpot of books we can’t finish or recommend.



The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

What I thought was going to be an entertaining, witty, and different kind of book turned out to be a mess. The story line and characters are contrived. The humor is forced. Everything about this book seems forced. None of the characters seemed interesting at all – not good or bad – just blah. Maybe a bunch of middle school boys might like to go through it and snicker at the silly sex scenes. I thought of reselling my copy but I’m going to put it in the recycle bin so nobody else has to deal with it. I was expecting something a lot better.


Since We Fell

This book starts out slowly in as it introduces Rachael and her complicated relationship with her mother and the mystery of her missing father. The first 75 pages were good then it just grinds to a halt. Yes, the story goes on but Rachael never grows. She continues as a humorless boring drone. The plot drones on as well. I just stopped caring and stopped reading. Yes, it is well written if all you care about is good grammar.  I expected more out of this book.


Elevator Pitch

My husband recommended I not waste my time. He said everything in this book was cliche. This book fell flat like an out of control elevator.


Old Bones

I love these authors. I’ve read ALL of their books. I’ve read two of their other books this summer and really enjoyed them despite the silly parts. They’ve written some of my favorite books. This one is a total and complete dud. WTF guys?


These are all good writers so I don’t know what happened here. Sometimes you just miss the mark. God knows I’ve done it on this blog. I know I’m an asshole but hey, these are asshole times.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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