Watch And Wait

Her arms were covered with dozens of silver bangles she’d picked up Nepal about 60 years ago. It seemed an odd choice for such a hot day, but I’ve learned not to question a 679 year old Vampire about her fashion choices.

It isn’t like she is going to go out and sit in the sun.

Lola, who happens to be my great great great great grandmother, stretched out her legs from underneath her cotton sundress. I could still see faint scars from where she’d been hit by a flame thrower (an unfortunate run in with Vampire Hunters) back in 2011. She looks all of 25 or 26 but she shows her age in other ways.

Then again those of you who have been around VM for a while know all about Lola.

Anyway, we’re just hanging out today. Sometimes it is good to just hang out. Sometimes it is good to hang out with an apex predator.

Lola never judges anyone out loud. She just watches and waits. Sometimes we all need to just watch and wait.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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