Juliette’ Book CLub: New Horror By Mandy White – Dysfictional 4: Apocalypse Aplenty

Woo Hoo. More summer reading. This is going to be good!


My newest release is finally here, and I’m stoked to share this one with everyone!

Beat the summer heat with a collection of cool new stories, most of which have an apocalyptic tone – that wasn’t intentional, it was just the way things turned out. I seem to have apocalypse on the mind a lot lately.

~ A scientist develops body-swapping technology, but she must keep it out of the wrong hands…
~ The extinction of the honeybee brings am unexpected result…
~ A zombie virus only affects women…
~ A homeless hacker destroys the world’s supply of digital currency…
~ Teenagers navigate dating in a post-pandemic future…
~ A fugitive finds his benefactor and only friend has met with an unfortunate end…
~ A rich spoiled brat who dreams of being a reality TV star finds herself in a real-life apocalypse…

Enjoy these stories and more in Dysfictional 4!


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