Friend or Food – or Both?

This is just too funny! Mandy White‘s entry to the Evil Squirrel’s Nest 2022 Contest of Whatever is just too funny and brilliant to keep to myself. ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


The following advertisement is my official entry to the Evil Squirrel’s Nest Ninth Contest of Whatever – 2022!

Ever had this happen?

You try to make a sandwich, but the deli meat doesn’t match the bread?
Who thought round meat belonged with square bread, anyway?

Or are you vegetarian, but tofu makes you gag and you just can’t stop craving the taste of meat?

Lonely? Looking for a friend to share a sandwich with?

Look no further! The answer is as close as your nearest countertop.

Introducing Moofoo! The pet you can eat.

Genetically engineered from the finest mystery ingredients, Moofoo is a sentient meat substitute that tastes as good as the real thing.

He’s cute, cuddly, and delicious! And best of all, Moofoo fits perfectly on a slice of bread.

Simply shave a few slices from Moofoo’s succulent rear end and enjoy. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt Moofoo! He…

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