Musings on Gardening, December, and Life

It is sweater weather…barely. It is almost 70F outside. There are people out in tee shirts and shorts today. Then again, if it was freezing and snowing people around here would be out in shorts.

I was planning on planting spring bulbs soon, only it isn’t cold enough and all of my summer flowers are still blooming where the bulbs and pansies should be going.

Every fall I go on a search for wonderful spring bulbs and sort-of-bulbs. This summer I found exotic pink and ruffled purple and red daylilies, splurged on fancy tall bearded iris in unusual and brilliant colors, and of course got dozens of spring bulbs. There are double pink daffodils, tulips of unusual colors, and hyacinth bulbs. Now the bulbs sit in a paper bag waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

The daylilies and iris were planted in September and have taken root. Photos will be splashed along these pages starting in April, 2022. As for the other bulbs, I will be planting them tomorrow.

Christmas lights are going up all over my neighborhood, and all over everywhere I go. I haven’t heard any Christmas music yet. I’ve seen 1.5 Christmas movies. The first movie “Love Hard” was cute. The second movie, which I started watching while doing some yoga this morning (don’t judge me) was “A Castle for Christmas.” Oh boy, I couldn’t finish it. I think I got about a third way through. It was badly acted. The main character was total unlikeable, and it was just stupid, and most of all BORING.

Even the ghosts who were looking through my family room window thought it was boring. Hey, if ghosts don’t like something then it must be really bad.

Today has just been one of those random thought days. Others I know are thinking about what the future holds, loss, love, how many lights they’ll put up this year, why there are still leaves on the trees, if the kids will all be ok now that school shooting season has started again (which makes me SO ANGRY), and just trying to maybe get a little bit more happiness out of each day.

Stay safe. Wear a mask when required. Talk to your kids. Be kind. Check in on those who are ancient, alone, or might need extra help. And kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later.)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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