On Hold

Even Vampires have to wait on the phone for service. The wait music and messages are always horrible and sound like they are coming from inside of a drainage ditch. I expect and evil clown to start sending me horrible pictures. Seriously it sounds like it is coming straight from Hell. Hey, if I say that you’d better believe it.

We’ve had Sprint service since 2005. That might be a record for staying with a single phone service. I guess one is as bad as another. Nobody could be worse than ATT. They can’t even give us land line service in our house. So T-Mobile purchased Sprint so now we’re all scrambling to get our phones changed over or find new carriers. Of course, as with many families, the kids were well, kids, when we got them phones. Now they’re adults. They’re still on our account. That really isn’t a problem with me, but they might want their own accounts. So WHY is it so difficult, and why do I have to be on the phone for an hour to just get permission for them to have control over their own accounts?

I am now on hold with a friendly young man who says his name is “Dave.” I doubt “Dave” is really his name. I’m sure he is calling from someplace with a 15 hour time difference. I think I was just cut off. Well crap. 

Oh great they just transferred me to someone who doesn’t speak English. Even German would have been better than what they sent. Yes, I’m one of those people who doesn’t speak a lot of languages, except a spattering needed for travel or writing interesting prose.

They also sent me an email to a nonexistent link that must only be available to those who live on another planet. 

Now I’m on hold with someone who speaks the same language and can help me. And he helped me, and we got the kids, who are now adults, permission to do whatever they want with their phone service.

It only took 41 minutes. Only. For heaven sakes why is everything so difficult? 

The other day I ordered a case for my new phone, and it was the wrong size of course, even though I checked my phone to see the exact model and ordered THAT model. Now I get to send in another return. But wait…I can’t return it because their website returns page is down. It has been down for three days now.


Do you find yourself on hold forever more than you need to be? 

On a good note, I’ve experienced a lot of wonderful customer service in the past few months. 

Please always be kind of people in customer service. They are trying to do their jobs. They don’t make the rules. I need to repeat “THE DON’T MAKE THE RULES.” Sometimes it is frustrating and that is because I truly believe some large companies tell their employees NOT to be helpful or do not give them the tools to be helpful, or never intended to be helpful. Those are the places I no longer do business with.

So that is it. I’d wanted to write something about anything but this however all fun was just sucked from my soul for a bit and it will take a few hours for me to recover.

Stay safe. Have fun. Talk to your kids. Check in on those who are elderly, might need extra help, or are alone. And kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later.)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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