Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915, San Francisco, CA – Postcard Art

The Panama–Pacific International Exposition in 1915 was one of the most spectacular events every held ANYWHERE. Yes, I am talking about the one in San Francisco, California. It was said to be a celebration of the Panama Canal, but it was really a celebration of how the City by the Bay celebrated rebuilding and recovery from the 1906 Earthquake.

I mentioned to my great great great Grandmama Lola that I wished I could go back in time and go.

“It was amazing,” she told me with a smile. “Your brothers Max and Andy went with me. Oh the art. I will never forget the art. You know, my dear there are a few pieces in the museum you spend so much time in.”

“The Moon Maiden is my favorite,” I said, thinking of the statue in the Crocker Art Museum. “If I could time travel that is one of the events I’d go to.”

“You don’t want to go there my dear. We’re Vampires not time travelers. Ugh. Time travelers are nasty horrible people who just buzz around using stolen technology and causing trouble.”

“Lola,” I told her. “I’d never associate with them. You know that.”

“Good. I have something to show you.”

Lola pulled out an index card box. It was FULL of postcards from the Pan Pacific International Exposition of 1915.

We spent a good deal of time looking through the old cards. It was amazing.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share the collection with you. There is art, amazing structures (most temporary), the famous Palace of Fine Arts, and more.

Today’s selection is of what I call poster cards. They’re post cards but sort of mini posters of the event. Enjoy. Come back later for more.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by. I’ll be posting more views, including the buildings, of the Pan Pacific Exposition of 1915 in the next few weeks. Keep checking back. They’re amazing images of a wonderful fantasy world, the likes of which I don’t think we’ll ever see again.

  1. It’s not too long ago I was at an exhibition and trade show of old posters, postcards, and advertising material. It was fascinating. I loved some of the artwork there. And some of the shown material was worth a lot of money!

    1. I love anything that is historic California. There was a chance to sell this collection but I couldn’t. They’re just too much fun to have around and share with friends.

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