It seems like forever since I’ve stood on a beach at night and watched the sparkle of the diatoms in the waves.

It has also been forever since I’ve taken a road trip. It is high time I do. There is something magical about leaving the house before the sun comes up and taking off towards the mountains, or the ocean, or down the long stretches of farmland framed by hills and signs to towns that will seem forever mysterious.

It also seems like forever since my children lived in my house, even though it has only been a few years. It seems like forever since I’ve seen them in person, even though it has only been a month or two.

In these days of weirdness, almost post pandemic, everything seems like a distant forever.

Time has taken new twists and turns, and unexpected halts. Not just for me, but for almost everyone. Of course there are those who have always lived without time like the Shadow Creeping Vampires who live underneath floorboards, or in dark dusty houses with the curtains drawn. They sit on uncomfortable Victorian furniture and dream of lavish tea parties with pastries and cakes they can no longer eat.

It seems like forever since the orange and lemon blossoms were out perfuming the air. Luckily my trees are full of buds and within a few days the flowers will be open, and the bees will swarm around to get their fill of nectar.

Forever isn’t always a bad thing. It isn’t always a good thing. It is just a thing. Or maybe it isn’t really anything.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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  1. ‘Forever’ can be a good thing… it can also be a depressing, sad thing… Sometimes I felt like I was locked in forever. Thinking I’ve been an introvert loner, it surprised me that I seemed to miss human connections, all of a sudden. It was a disturbing thought… I missed the sunshine, the air, and I missed the interaction with others. (Vampires, other supernatural creatures, and humans)… Am I twisted, or what?

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