I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. I usually do because I’ve usually seen most of the movies nominated, including the shorts. This year I only saw one of the movies all the way through. That was Belfast. I throughly enjoyed that movie. We (my husband and I) tried to watch Power of the Dog but we were so bored and the characters were so cliche. That is just my opinion. Watch and like what you want.

That said, pictured here is the Oscar I spent my time with Sunday night. Oscar is a gray tuxedo cat. He is always ready for formal events. Oscar is also exceptionally nice and usually well behaved. His rugged good looks and fine speaking voice would make him a great addition to any movie. Unfortunately he hates riding in cars so the trip to the movie set would be too much (especially for me).

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

This is Oscar. I love this cat so much.
Oscar, pre-scar days.
My name is Oscar. I am a cat, not a Vampire. I am soft and cuddly and sometimes an idiot (hence the scar on my face). To know me is to love me.


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