Random Thoughts Around The House With Cats

I’ve been busy. Then again, haven’t we all. I’m going to visit my daughter next month. Just booked the flight. Now I’m looking for a place to stay. Maybe a beach house we can all enjoy. My friend Amelia is coming in for the weekend so I’m trying to de-fur my house.

I swear, I don’t know how two cats and one dog can produce so much fur. What really baffles me is how my two cats can produce so much shit. I know what they eat. They poop out twice what they eat. Also the older cat pees on pee pads next to the litter box because she has accidents. Now the younger cat has started to do the same. I have had cats ALL MY LIFE and I have never seen two cats who are so nasty and destructive when it comes to their box. Ugh. I usually say more on that later, but I’ll spare you.

Spring is here and my yard is literally exploding with flowers. My passive aggressive neighbor used to complain about my yard when they moved in a few years ago but fuck them. Everyone else love my yard. It is my calm, zen, place of beauty and solace.

The deck re-do is almost done. Woo Hoo. All we need is to get the rails on.

Hmmmm. What else? Oh, yes, I still have the Critter Cam going. Guess who came to visit last night?!? Cuteness personified, no matter how bad it smells.

There is a lot more going on such as major moves (my husband’s business), art stuff, writing, and hints that my brother Aaron might need my help again for removing dirty old Vampires from some old buildings. I swear, sometimes I need to tell Aaron to get someone else for the job, like a Vampire Hunter, or garbage service. I’ve told him time and again that this is a weird thing for two upper crust and extremely modern Vampires such as our self to be doing. Oh well.

Anyway, just wanted to touch bases with you.

Stay safe. Have fun. Love your pets because they love you more than you’ll ever know. Talk to your kids. Check in on those who are elderly, alone, or might need extra help. And most of all kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Well, being down to one cat, from having three for years, is unusual… I decided on purpose, not to replace any of the kitties I lost within the last four months. I’d like to strengthen the bond between Tjara and myself. She’s always been there, the pack leader, keeping everything under control and in check for me. And all of a sudden I seem to know her better… It’s fascinating – and cute in many ways.

    1. Tjara is such an angel for you. My heart is still broken for you with the loss of Jake. One of my cats is ancient. If and when she goes over the rainbow bridge I’ve thought about letting my Oscar be an only cat too. Off he course has his dog, and they’re thick as thieves.

      1. That’s a relief. He has at least someone. Tjara is quite by herself. Currently I’m in a wonderful home, they have two own cats. And while she met them both, she’s calmed down with the age… she’s not that much into playing anymore. She would just like to explore and mostly be left alone… To make sure, the cats here don’t feel overwhelmed by her, we keep them mostly separated, but will try to get them used to each other slowly… We’ll see, maybe she’ll make new friends.

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