A Puppy for Christmas

A wonderfully different, and delightfully dark story from Mandy White.


~*~ A short story inspired by the art of Omar Rayyan ~*~

Susie bent over the paper, pencil in hand, her bottom lip clamped between her teeth in concentration.


There. It was finished, and it was probably the best thing she had ever written in her short life.

The shakily drawn letters were a bit too large for the lines, but she thought Teacher wouldn’t mind because of the care she had taken to make it nice, adding some pretty illustrations at the bottom.

It was an important assignment, perhaps the most important of the entire school year. Tomorrow she would read it in front of the whole class.

* * *

“Dear Santa,

My name is Susie and I am a very good girl. I wasn’t bad this year.

I only want one thing for Christmas. I want a puppy. Please can I have a puppy. If…

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