The Last Mermaid

Another story for today. I love this one so much.


We were immortal….or so I thought.

I believed.

We were many, so very many. More than words. More than numbers. And our numbers would never diminish.

I believed.

I swam with my sisters and my brothers. I swam with my friends and family. All of our family. We were beautiful. Our voices carried long and far under the ocean waves. And we were so free.

But time changed so many things.

Lives were cut short.

So many lives.

By fisherman’s hook.

By sickness.

By sharks.

By mishaps and mistakes.

By fertility difficulties.

Some lives didn’t even begin.

Some lives couldn’t even start.

Our numbers…

They were so many.

Our numbers…

So much more than any other ocean creature.

Our numbers…depleted.

Our music…

It used to be a great chorus. It used to be heard for miles. It used to draw the young sailors to search for us.

Our music…

Our chorus…


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