A Zillion Degrees

It is a blazing 100 zillion bazillion degrees outside so I’m inside doing spring cleaning in the summer. Yes, this is something Vampires do. Just like everyone else.

The music is loud. There are no ghosts to bother me. The old cat keeps pretending to eat her Friskies dry food but that is just what she does. I just can’t get over how much dust and animal fur collects within a matter of days – no not days – minutes after I vacuum and sweep and mop.

So why now? I hate house cleaning. I need a maid. I need a big 19th Century domestic staff in well pressed uniforms. It wouldn’t be a problem. My brother’s wouldn’t take advantage of anyone and I’d be happy.

I’d be more than happy.

Anyway, go back to what you were doing. I’m going to mop the hardwood floors and think of plot twists.

Yes, I do think I’ve completely lost it.

I’m also thinking about my kids who will arrive from Southern California this evening. Woot Woot.

Stay safe everyone. Check in on those who might get too hot, especially the elderly who sometimes refuse to turn on the air conditioning because they are depression babies and spending a penny is worse than dying of heat stroke. Also check in on anyone who needs extra help or is alone. Talk to your kids. Hug your dog. Hug your cat. And of course, kiss a Vampire.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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