If You Will Have Me (A Romance)

She called him in

From the far reaches

Of the orchard

Where leaves turned pale gold

In the cooling fall air.


He never answered

So out she went

To search for him

So he could change

Before the party.


She found him

Torn and tattered

Bloody and splattered

Oh what beast had

Taken him apart

She knew who.


On the veranda she confronted

The man sitting quietly

With a glass of wine

A fresh white shirt

Smoking a Cuban cigar.


The moon is not full

You had no right

He wasn’t yours

To tear apart

You ripped his guts

You ate his heart

And there you sit and smile.


He looked up at her

With a handsome smile

She’d loved him once

For a little while

But that had changed

When he ate her friends

She told him to stop

But he shrugged and smiled.


You scold me for being what I am

A wolfish kind of secret man

Yet you drink blood

From those you meet

A nice warm neck is your favorite

Place to dine

Oh you hypocrite

I know you better

Than you know yourself.


She asked about the mess

He shrugged

The turkey vultures and coyotes

Along with their

Friend the fox

Would clean it up.

They always did.


He watched her stand

In a black satin blouse

Jeans and black boots

Silver earrings dangling from

Her ears with a lock of hair

Hanging over her eye.


The fool out there in the orchard,

He said.

You wanted his heart.

Well, my dear,

Now his heart is part of me

And I am yours








She looked back into his deep brown eyes

With that circle of green

And ocean blue

And thought

Then said

She’d consider it.


In her gut she knew

The man in the orchard

Was in lust

But not in love

Like her faithful

Almost canine friend.

Almost lover

Almost to the end

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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