Cut and Color Halloween


A few years back I featured my own Cut and Color monsters and mythical creature paper dolls for Halloween. Here they are again (the entire set) for those of you who might have missed them the first time around. Have fun!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Space Alien Girl

space girlalein togs 2alein togs 1


Stylish Zombie

zombie_girl dollz_girlz_girl 2

Punkin Headspunkin-headspunkin-heads dresses 1punkin-heads suitspunkin-heads suits 1

Werewolf and Mermaidh_creaturesh_creatures_magich_creatures_evening



Ghostie Fashion Paper Doll. Color an Cut Fun.


Short Story Sunday: We Will Be Happy

Standing outside of the gates of the asylum, bag in her hand, coat buttoned up tight against the snow, Kathleen wondered if she should wait for someone. She looked to the right, then looked to the left, then decided to walk to wherever she was going to go.

Looking at her gloved hands she thought of how she tried to wash all the blood off of her fingernails, but the asylum wasn’t big on hygiene and she couldn’t find any soap.

It was torture to be locked up in such a place just for being different. She didn’t eat. She didn’t sleep at night. She was cold and seemed to be dead in her silence, indifference, and stillness. She looked like a young woman but spoke like someone who was much older. But that wasn’t true. It was only what they wanted to see.

She walked into town and stopped by the telegraph office. She didn’t look like an escaped lunatic. She hadn’t really escaped and she was no lunatic.

After she’d sent her message she shopped for new clothes, checked into the finest hotel in the city, and took a long bath with lots of soap, a bottle of wine, a badly written romance novel, and a copy of the local evening news.

The following day she went to the train station and purchased a one way ticket to San Francisco. It was clear across the country but she didn’t mind. It was where she needed to be.

Kathleen sat by the window and waited. A man sat next to her. He was dressed nicely in colors that complimented his pale blonde hair and blue eyes. He was about thirty but his face was boyish and pleasant.

“I’m glad you made it Robert,” she said to him.

“So am I. Thank you so much,” he said.

She smiled and said nothing. Looking out the window she remembered hearing his screams at night, especially when there was a full moon. She remembered how they’d beat him and tried to get him to become is other self on demand. She remembered how the good doctors force fed her and then she’d become violently ill and throw it all up. Then they’d do it again and again. She remembered how the head doctor had come and forced himself upon her because he knew he couldn’t impregnate her because of what she was. He knew that she and Robert were different.

She put her cold hand on Robert’s warm hand. “There is nothing wrong with us. They were the ones who were wrong. We were in our rights to do what we had to do.”

“I know,” he said.

“You aren’t convinced,” she said.

“I’ll get over it,” he said.

He gave her a copy of the morning paper. There had been a horrible incident at the asylum. Six staff members, including the head doctor had been found dead. One man had his throat and gut ripped out, as if a wild animal had attacked him. Four others were found lying in a treatment room. Four were in tubs of water, naked, their bodies bloodless, their genitalia cut off and placed on a table, lined up in a row. The fifth, the head doctor was found in a court-yard, his head cut off and placed atop the flag pole. His bloodless body, minus his manhood, was leaned up against the flag pole, his heart was ripped out of his body and in his hands.

“There is nothing wrong with us Robert. We aren’t insane. We aren’t broken. We’re just different. I don’t like the violence but they hurt so many people. Not just those like us but normal people too. They hurt so many.”

“I know. You already told me that.” said Robert.

“Where we are going there are people like us. We can live in peace without violence or fear. You will be able to run with a pack in the woods on full moon nights. I will be able to live my life in peace. We will be happy.”

“I know,” said Robert giving her hand a squeeze, then letting go. “We will be happy. I know we will.”

They continued their trip, putting their past behind them, and their future ahead.


~ end




About Those Werewolves

I get a lot of questions and blog traffic about Werewolves. Below are links to posts about Werewolves, my friendships, my not so good relationships with them, and general information, love letters, Werewolf teens and other related stuff.

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There are many more posts with Werewolves on Vampire Maman. Just do a quick search on this site. I’ll keep adding more listings in the future to the Werewolf page on this blog (check the side bars) so keep checking back.

What is your Vampire (or Werewolf) Style?


Vampires are known for it.

Others are not.


That said, we all have our own personal style. Mine has changed drastically over the years. I’ve gone from frills and lace, to Indian gauze and flowing skirts, to shoulder pads and brights colors, to little black dresses and pearls… but mostly I’ve been on a classic tailored track with a few great creative or unexpected accessories.

There a lot of styles I wish I could pull off but I’m not super tall and my lifestyle is pretty casual AND I’m a mess.

Lon Chaney looking hot in a suit! Sweetheart stay out from under that full moon!

Lon Chaney looking hot in a suit! Sweetheart stay out from under that full moon!

Anyway, yes, Vampires tend to dress well. The Werewolves I know dress well (for the most part) except those who live in the woods and look like something out of a bad reality show.

Holy crap get those guys off of my lawn and hide the possums!

Holy crap get those guys off of my lawn and hide the possums!


So…. drum roll please… it is now time for another famous Vampire Maman Poll!

What is your Vampire (or Werewolf) style?






You know these guys!

You know these guys!




 This is all just silly fun

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Some guys have it and some guys don't.

Some guys have it and some guys don’t.


One should always be stylish with the proper accessories.

One should always be stylish with the proper accessories.



If you don't want to wear a suit dress like a Ramone.

If you don’t want to wear a suit dress like a Ramone.


Cut and Color: Werewolf and Mermaid Halloween Creatures

Oh my gosh tomorrow is HALLOWEEN! Time is flying like bats out of a cave so I grabbed my pencil this morning and took a few minutes (a very few minutes) to sketch out a WEREWOLF and a MERMAID to help you get into the spirit of Halloween! So get out your crayons, felt pens or slap these babies into Photoshop and let the play begin!

By the way, one of the best things about being a parent is doing silly stuff like this for my kids and their friends… ok and my grown friends too. Happy Halloween!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




h_creatures_magic h_creatures_evening

Even Vampires Dream of Love (Ghosts and Werewolves too)

vm girl on swing

Yesterday the kids came home with news of a fight at school. There were stitches and a broken nose. It happened in the boys locker room. Kids were suspended. A boy was defending the honor of a girl. He pushed another boy and well, teenage boy shit happens, unfortunately. Selfies were put online of course. Everyone got the news about the stitches and face swelling blow by blow minute by minute. Not that this has anything to do with romance… but after being almost at the end of my parenting children days I find myself still surprised each and every day by something.

Clara’s boyfriend broke up with her by text message. Very low rent. Fortunately it wasn’t too long or too serious of a relationship. Her friends all gathered around.

Garrett is also a moody Valentine.  His girlfriend Ione decided to cool things off. She received a letter of intent from Yale. Good news. Celebrations. We’re all happy. But since she plans on accepting she won’t be at the same college that Garrett will attend. We don’t know where he is going yet.

I told them that they could have friends over on Friday. They invited the odd socially odd but nice Werewolf kids who live around the corner. They also invited a few other Vampire teens. No regular kids.

So today I get a call from the school that Garrett tripped and ended up with a slight injury. His friend Jake had climbed on the roof and was yodeling out a declaration of love to a girl named Jessie. Garrett was yelling (and laughing) at Jake to get down when he fell down a flight of stairs outside and slammed his head on the pavement below and hit his shoulder on a brick wall. Sort of like falling in the snowboard event at the Olympics. It was the same flight of stairs he fell down last year when he broke his arm. That time he was flirting with a girl and looked back over his shoulder at her.

Fortunately he’ll heal fast and is going to be fine in a few days.

What this means is that Teddy and I will be staying home and watching movies with the kids or writing blog posts or taking the dog for a long walk on Valentine’s Day or watching the Olympics. But that is OK by me. I treasure all my time with Teddy, well most of it. I treasure him. So you know, in a relationship like ours everyday is Valentine’s Day.

And speaking of adults…I asked my friend Adam the Werewolf what he was doing for Valentine’s Day. He showed me a card he had made for his girlfriend. Adam had also been looking at estate jewelry shops for the perfect piece of vintage jewelry. He’d found a square locket from the 1880’s in which he’d placed a photo of himself and his girlfriend. The plan was to run in the woods together as wolves then get back to his place for steak, a nice bottle of wine and truffles. A howling good time.

After I helped Garrett get settled in from his fall and talked to Clara a bit about the meaning of life I went outside to fill the bird feeder on the deck. Nigel, The Ghost was standing there leaning against the rail and brushing his shaggy black hair back from his face with a ghostly hand.

The Ghost had traded his usual funerary black for an Irish Fisherman’s sweater and brown leather pants. His eyes sparkled on his pale, almost transparent face. His girlfriend Mary, a charming 17th century ghost girl was dancing happily by herself in the woods behind my house.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” I had to ask. I’d asked everyone else I knew.

Nigel smiled. “Mary and I thought we’d take over the bodies of a couple of single people and have a night to remember.”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure, why not? It isn’t easy to do but well worth the effort.”

I have to admit it, what he just told me, even shocked a seasoned Vampire like me. “You’re going to possess a couple of people for the night?”

Nigel shook his head at me and folded his arms. “And you’re going to no doubt put some poor soul into a trance and drink his blood. What is worse? Tell me Vampire?”

He had a point.

I asked him, “Will the people you possess remember?”

He shrugged. “Maybe. We’ve already picked them out.”

“So they’re going to wake up in the morning…”

“That’s right Jewels. Strangers in a strange bed with an incredible haunting feeling that they might have spent a magical night of love together. How awesome is that?”

“You’d do that to someone?” It was so, well shocking if you think about it.

Nigel got in my face. “Oh come on Juliette, get real. I’m 26 years old. I’ve been dead for almost 28 years. I get bored. A little hokey pokey in somebody elses body isn’t going to, well, it isn’t going to kill anyone. And I’m already dead and apparently damned so I’ll be fine. The couple we picked will end up liking each other. We made sure of that. Just call it playing cupid if it makes you feel any better.

Then he laughed and vanished into the night air.

When I was a girl I’d dream of romance and Victorian ideals of proper passion. When I grew older I found romance and lost it. And found it again. And lost it. But finally I came to realize that romance can be found and kept in so many ways. It is that brush of a hand on the back. It is a hand held while doing nothing. It is ironing my shirts when I’m busy (as you watch ESPN.) It is raising kids together and still making love at the end of the day with the bedroom door locked and then laughing when the cat starts to meow and scratch under the bed. It is just being with someone you love.

Wishing you all love and romance… but I hope in your own body.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman