About Those Werewolves and the Full Moon Nights

Tomorrow night, when the moon is full, the Werewolves will twitch, and itch, and fold their clothes, and turn from humans into hairy canine beasts.

Of course not like this. These are my beasts, Oscar the Tuxedo Cat, and Alice the German Shepard Dog. They are always like this. Alice, as fierce as she could get if she wanted to, is a total love bug sweetheart. Oscar is also a sweetheart, but he is also an asshole. These two are constant companions no matter what the phase of the moon, what space junk is falling out of the sky, or what time of day it is.

Last time I blogged about Werewolves it was about how they leave piles of fur around after they’ve transformed back into a human. The fur doesn’t just sink back into their skin. I mean, can you imagine the ingrown hairs they’d get if the fur DID just sink back in? I would be beyond uncomfortable and nasty. Shapeshifting of any kind has to be uncomfortable, especially when hair or fur in involved.

At least for most Vampires the transformation is only once, and they don’t go back to what they were. Vampires are pretty much human all the time. No tails. No fur. No big snouts. No rough paws.

Speaking of paws…most people who are Werewolves have rough hands. It just comes with the territory. So if you’re looking for love, and like the idea of someone with rough working hands caressing your smooth soft skin, think twice. They might be a Werewolf.

Of course there are those Werewolves who make sure they have dog booties. Those are the kind that dogs in places like Las Vegas wear for the heat, or sled dogs in Alaska wear in races.

Once upon a time Werewolves would run through the woods and villages eating and attacking everything in their path. That is no longer the case. They prepare ahead of time. They have food out already, or isolate themselves in the woods or other isolated places away from humans and domestic animals. Sometimes they’ll get out of hand, but in that case the death of a cow, sheep, or other unfortunate creature is blamed on a Chupacabra, Sasquatch, or some other rarely seen creature out of the well worn pages of tattered Cryptozoology books.

When I was young, in the mid to late 19th Century, Werewolves tended to be on the pompous side. They dressed flashy. Flashy is kind. They were tacky. It was the first time people started saying, “All the money in the world can’t buy good taste or style.” Now Werewolves are, for the most part, more subdued. For the most part…

The full moon will be out tomorrow night. The Werewolves will walk the streets on all fours, or run in the woods, or howl in the cold desert night. You might not see or hear them, but they will be there.

Take care. Be safe. Check in on those who might need extra help, or are alone. Talk to your kids. Hug your dogs, cats, and other pets. Be creative. And kiss a Vampire – you’ll thank me for it later. Oh, one more thought; don’t get bitten by a Werewolf.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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