Cut and Color Spooky Halloween Fun from Juliette aka Vampire Maman

After yesterday’s post with the wonderful art of Jason Kemp, I thought I’d entertain you today with some of my own pen scratchings. Just for fun.

Halloween is almost here so to get you in the mood here are some color-and-cut Halloween paper dolls I drew a while back. I’ll have a few new spooky paper pals in October.

Ghost Party

Ghostie Fashion Paper Doll. Color an Cut Fun.

Ghostie Fashion Paper Doll. Color an Cut Fun.

Punkin Heads


punkin-heads suits

punkin-heads suits 1

Werewolf and Mermaid




Zombie Girl

zombie_girl doll


z_girl 2

Alien Girl

space girl

alein togs 1 alein togs 2

Have fun,

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Blood Oranges #2. Go with the flow chart

Welcome to Saturday Blood Oranges, where I doodle on Friday night (after several glasses of wine) and post it on Saturday. This one is almost like a BURNING QUESTION, but not quite. The photo here is my dog Alice aka the sweetest  Hell Hound around. Yes, I’m going to be really random here.


And now…drum roll please…the official flow chart…made in pale pencil.


vampire chart

Feel free to leave questions, comments, your drawings, suggestions for future Blood Oranges, locations of safety deposit boxes (and keys), recipes, inspirational quotes (just kidding), or whatever you want in the comments section. Just make it nice or funny or something a Vampire would appreciate.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

yelling vampire

Blood Oranges: Doodles #1

My husband and I were watching a movie and, well, I’m got bored. There was a pencil and paper handy, so I started to doodle.

This is Friday, so I’m wondering what to do for the next 50 Saturdays.

Blood Oranges: Doodles with Juliette

So here we go. Blood Oranges #1

Blood Orange 1_ 3-16-19

If you have a doodle to share let me know at juliettevampiremom@

In the meantime I’m going to whip up some silly doodles for no good reason, for the next 50 weeks. Maybe I’ll even add in a poll or two.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Gothic Tiles and Silly Sketches

Fine art.

I have the ability to create masterpieces that rival the paintings in great museums however, what I love to draw little bits and pieces on the fly. Fast images that capture an idea or a feeling or a moment or, more oftener not, a message. It makes me happy. And frankly it doesn’t take much to entertain me.

Last Friday I sketched out a birthday card in about 15 minutes for a friend to another friend. It was just fun. Nothing but silly fun. Ball point pen on paper sort of fun. Josh likes horror films and stories, and cats.




I was thinking about tiles a few weeks ago and tasked my alter ego from the parallel universe to make some.

Vampire Girl Tile







The tiles are now listed for sale on Etsy. Click here to go to the page. 


So I guess the message today would be: Do what makes you happy.

Do it.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

You’re not wearing that are you?

This morning I looked at my teens and wondered “what the Hell were they thinking?” I’ve prided myself in having well dressed presentable children. They have closets and drawers and floors full of nice fashionable clothing. Sometimes they get creative in look trendy and fantastic. But this morning they absolutely floored me. I wanted to say “Who are you and what did you do with my kids?” I give choices and let them dress how they want but some days… really kids? Really?

Juliette aka YOUR MOM


My mom blogs about vampires - the perfect shirt design for my teens. Wear it proud kids!

My mom blogs about vampires – the perfect shirt design for my teens. Wear it proud kids!