You’re not wearing that are you?

This morning I looked at my teens and wondered “what the Hell were they thinking?” I’ve prided myself in having well dressed presentable children. They have closets and drawers and floors full of nice fashionable clothing. Sometimes they get creative in look trendy and fantastic. But this morning they absolutely floored me. I wanted to say “Who are you and what did you do with my kids?” I give choices and let them dress how they want but some days… really kids? Really?

Juliette aka YOUR MOM


My mom blogs about vampires - the perfect shirt design for my teens. Wear it proud kids!

My mom blogs about vampires – the perfect shirt design for my teens. Wear it proud kids!

13 thoughts on “You’re not wearing that are you?

  1. ROFL
    Why does this remind so much to when I was much younger… my own teenager time – and even a bit later.
    I was supposed to go and visit someone with my Dad. That year I had turned 23… and seriously: he sent me upstairs to change because he wouldn’t have taken me the way I was dressed.
    Back then I was deeply insulted – nowadays I giggle and I think: Ugh! How RIGHT he was!! LOL

  2. Didn’t we all do stuff like that (or comparable) when we were younger??? I have to admit that I did…, and parents sometmes denied knowing who I was !!! 🙂

  3. Oh, you are, as Mr. Peabody would say, putting me in the WABAC machine. I wore overalls for two, or was it three, years. You, on the other hand, were always so impeccably

    • As you might recall I wore my brown corduroy overalls with a velveteen blazer. But you my dear were the first to get your hear feathered in fashionable sweeping bangs. I like that WABAC machine.

    • I had three shirts made. I believe I went online to Vistaprint. I would like to do something more with this (available to anyone on demand and better quality.) I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for asking.

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