As Cute and as Deadly as a Cat…Coming Soon…

Every group has that one friend. You know, that chiasmatic guy who keeps the group cohesive, is fiercely protective of everyone, is universally loved, and then becomes just another long forgotten missing person. To tell the truth I had given up finding him years ago. I hate to admit it, but I just assumed he was dead. 
~ Constantine Jones

This is not a story with a plot, with a beginning, middle, and dramatic ending. There is no mystery, and no stunning unveiling. It is a story of growth, maybe some redemption, and a lot of cute. It is a story of a man, my closest and dearest friend, coming to terms about who he is. It is a personal diary written in real time, from 2014 – 2022.

Along with Juliette Kings, I have edited the diary, leaving out minute details, mundane events such as daily weather reports, entries about litter boxes, garbage schedules, notes on drip sprinkler systems, and excessive venting about his ex-wife, among other things.

Now a forgotten figure in history, my friend, Vlad Winter was a man before his time. Bridging generational gaps and cultural stigmas he kept his people together. Unfortunately, there were those who could not accept his visionary ways.

Vlad was never one to blindly follow tradition. He was enlightened before the Age of Enlightenment. This is a record of how he became even more enlightened.

~ Randolpho

Coming in 2023

Of Immortality and Deathly Cuteness

The Secret Diary of Vlad Winter
Transcribed by Juliette Kings

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