Black Friday (with Vampires)

Black Friday is HERE. My Vampire family has already made the trip to Costco, and found the perfect Christmas tree. Upon arriving home, and arranging my lovely red flowers (from Costco) in a crystal vase, I ordered a vacuum cleaner for one of the kids to take back to the Southern California apartment, and the perfect Christmas Tree stand for pick up tomorrow morning. I suggest just making a day of it on Saturday and going to the movies while we’re out. We were thinking of “Knives Out.” I’m tired of movies non-dancing men in tights and an explosion every fifteen seconds.

Thanksgiving was lovely and I hope you all are getting over the warm glow of a happy day with plenty of good food and good company. Or in the case of Vampires a nice chill.

December, which starts tomorrow also means a BIG MONTH here at!

I’ll be posting twenty posts from the Vampire Maman Christmas archives. I will also be adding new stories, musings, opinions, and whatnots. You’ll also hear about the latest Yule time Vampire, Ghost, and Werewolf shenanigans.

If you’re feeling  like some holiday reading by the fire, or curled up in any favorite spot do I have news for you.

The best holiday tales since Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol are available now.

The new Holiday Classics Tinsel Tales 1 & 2 are going to be offered FREE on the following days:

Tinsel Tales:
December 1-2, and December 24, 25, 26.

Tinsel Tales 2: Holiday Hootenanny:
December 8-9 and December 24, 25, 26.

YES – Free Kindle download on those dates.


The end of the year holiday season is here. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then on to a new year with even MORE holidays.

Both books are great for someone wanting a quick fix, a new tradition, or just a damn good story. Did I mention cheap thrills? The paperback versions (not free unfortunately) fit nicely into most purses and a lot of pockets.

These holiday anthologies are from the creative minds of WPaD (Writers, Poets, and Deviants.) Proceeds to to MS Research to help support our fellow writers and friends who have MS.

Some of the new December posts at Vampire Maman will include:

  • Dealing with your empty nest over the holidays
  • What we’re talking about
  • Vlad’s Vampire Diary
  • More from the Warlock Druce and his friend Morcant the Selkie
  • Austin, Grammy, and other assorted fruitcakes
  • Some Christmas romance
  • Tellias and Eleora celebrate as only ancient Vampires can
  • Deck the halls, bookmark this blog, and get ready for Christmas fun
  • And of course a lot more!


Sending good cheer and good stories for all!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

2019 Nano Pablano Cheer Peppers. 

Vampire Musings on Cats, Black Friday Traditions, Lunch and Morning…

I love the way the cat stands on the deck rail in the morning just watching the world in the trees. It is a world of squirrels and birds and bugs. Then he hops off with the grace and form of a circus performer, never falling, never wondering if it is safe, and runs down the stairs to some unknown appointment with either adventure or maybe a nap.

At the crack of dawn I was brewing up coffee and washing the last of the goblets from yesterday. I’m not a witch so I can’t just snap my fingers and make the house clean up itself. I wouldn’t trust the woodland creatures to come in while I sing a happy tune. Knowing the creatures in my neighborhood, they’d raid the pantry of all dog and cat food then tear up the furniture and drink all the booze. Sure they’re cute but don’t let that fool you.

So right, you came here for your daily dose of Vampire life.

The sun is up. It is a holiday weekend. Everyone is asleep. Except me. Sleep and I are not friends so I’m up at all times of the day and night, like the cats. Except the cats have more of a clock than I do.

My brother Val spent the night because today is Black Friday. That doesn’t mean shopping. It means that we go out and meet friends for lunch. It is our tradition that we’ve held tight to for the past 122 years. We meet with friends for lunch, but we do it all day long. It is like going wine tasting. We stop. We taste. We go to the next place. And like wine tasting we can usually get in about 4 stops, each with 4-6 different samples. Only unlike wine tasting we don’t have to worry about driving home a little tipsy and we don’t bring home any bottles. It will be fun. It always is. This year we’re meeting with our favorite artists, a group of writers, a couple of lawyers we know, and for dessert we meet with a group of ghost hunters and historians. Great fun. But shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone we’re Vampires…especially the lawyers and ghost hunters.

I can hear Val rambling around upstairs. I need a refill on my coffee. Then I’ll put the fresh pine wreath on the door (thank you to my wonderful husband for bringing that home) and put on my shoes.

I suppose it is now officially the holiday season. Time for fun. Time for joy. Time for cheer.

Happy hunting!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman