A Normal Vampire Teen – Love Poems and Letting Go

A Normal Vampire Teen – Love Poems and Letting Go

She stood by the trees

Green leaves glowing in sunlight

Hope and desire glows

From her perfect skin

Her blonde hair like a halo.

My heart breaks

For my fondest desire

Is to grow old and frail

With my springtime girl

She stood by the trees

And smiled back at me

I waved and smiled

Just friends, not lovers or donors,

Friends for a while

And I wish her well

A long and happy life

As I watch and wonder “what if?”


I found that free form verse scrawled on a paper in my sixteen year old son’s backpack. I wasn’t snooping, he told me he had a paper in there I had to sign.

It broke my heart, a little, to see him so grown up, but yet still so young.

His father and I have had “the talk” about the different life spans of regular humans and those of us who are vampires.

I know the girl. Her name is Amber. She always kisses our cats when she comes over with the usual pack of teens for swim parties and study groups. She played Olivia to his Orsino in the school production of The Twelfth Night.

He let her go so she could date another boy, a boy who isn’t him, a boy she won’t fall in love with.

I see him through his bedroom, black skinny jeans, hair in his eyes, skyping with friends, laughing. A normal sixteen year old by anyone’s standards.

First published July, 2012


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Disco Mania and Other Things…

It has been one of those days…

So when I went on Facebook and noticed a friend put up an announcement for “Paddle Fest,” I thought it was, well, it took me a few seconds to realize it was a BOATING event, not something else.

When you’re the parent of college aged children you’ll find that they still ask you pressing important questions. Just last night my daughter asked, “The Allman Brothers is a disco band. Right?”

And finally, this morning I filled up the bird feeders. This is who showed up.


I’d name it Melissa but I think it is a boy turkey.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Both Ends

This morning, overheard between my husband Teddy and our 18 year old Clara.

Teddy: Honey, you have to stop and get some rest. Between school and work you can’t keep staying out late every night. You’re burning the candle at both ends.

Clara: What candle?


vampire teens



A house full of teens – and all is well

March came in like a house cat, a bit of rain and noise and general annoyance but nice and comforting.

By the way, I’ll try to have a short story for “Short Story Sunday” later today.

There is a house full of teens today. Not all are mine. They seem to congregate here. I guess they’re all mine in a way, they are part of my life and my heart. I hear bits of words like “manatee” and “scare things” and “teeth” and “it kind of sounds sort of creepy” and then laughing.

Now my husband Teddy is talking to them. I hear the words “pandemic” and “disgusting” and “depends on where you go” and “Japan.”

Then I hear: Cats don’t give a shit. Dogs carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Anyone who says teens don’t talk haven’t been to my house. We can get any kid to talk – a lot.

Telling and lecturing doesn’t cut it with teens. Discussing and listening does.

Now they’re talking about governments and laws and society and trust and secret police. That is my husband and half a dozen teens. Just hanging out. It’s a beautiful thing.

The conversation has changed to school and teachers. They’re talking about languages – Spanish, German, Latin (yes some schools are teaching offering it again), Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Gaelic, Welsh, Norwegian… I’ll need more coffee before getting in on that one. Then it switches to the American Civil War and speaking Southern. It moves to taking old people to museums who get shocked by naked statues in museums and how cute that can be. More laughing, more twists and turns. I hear someone mention monkeys. Now they’re talking religion. Weird religion. It is weird. In fear of not being politically correct I will not name names (maybe later.)

Nobody mentioned my squirrels but that’s ok. I’m more into the small trivial things – they’re having lofty thoughts right now.

While my own teens will complain about a lot of things and express their concerns I’m not getting teen angst. We’re not yellers or screamers. Nobody says “I hate you” or has any reason to. Sure they can piss me off but teens are a joy.

What a wonderful time of discovery and change. It is a time when parents really need to spend the time with their kids.

It is a time we should all spend with them. I don’t mean to be trite, but they ARE our future. And I see good things coming from this group of kids born in the last few years of the 20th century. I see a lot of good things.

Have a good Sunday everyone and a great week.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman