Vampire Ball Dress…off the shoulder sexy

This might be the dress for the Vampire Masquerade Ball, but it might be for a friend. I like this one a lot!

I think my husband Teddy would like it too.

My other dress sketches are here and here.

So in the happy vampire family, we have visitors coming soon. New vampires who need to be trained. My baby vampire child is turning 13 next week. I promised my son to take him out on a hunt, just the two of us. Changes and stresses, but there will also be great joy and discover, as there always is in the life of a modern vampire mom.

The Vampire

Vampire Masquerade! Costume Sketches – round one!

As you all know the Vampire Masquerade Ball is coming up in August. I am so jazzed.

Teddy said he’d wear a suit and a plain black mask. That is what he SAID, but it isn’t what is going to happen.

In the meantime Garrett and his pals (age 15-17) are going as the Three Musketeers – Vampire Style. They’ve asked me to help them with their costumes. I told them to go see my mom. She was actually alive at the time, but they insisted I help.

So that leaves Clara and I. Clara will turn 13 in July so this is sort of like a coming out party to her. We decided on a fancy princes fantasy ball look for both of us. That may change. I did a few 5 minute sketches. We’re still looking through old books and photographs for ideas.

In the meantime I thought I’d share what we have so far. Just some quick stuff with a Sharpie on paper.

Let me know what you’re wearing. Of course if you want to keep it a secret I’ll understand.

~ Juliette