Musings on Inspiration, Change, and Art

Oscar the cat enjoying my art

Oscar the cat enjoying my art. He says I need to start drawing again.

The other night my husband and I were watching something about the Lost Neck, I mean, Loch Ness Monster. A guy came on who was a cryptozoologist. I told Teddy I wanted to be a cryptozoologist. He said he wanted to be a luxury lifestyle consultant like David Bromstad on “My Lottery Dream Home.”  Seriously you have to love David Bromstad.

Then we laughed. Our kids could tell their friends, “my parents are a cryptozoologist, and a luxury lifestyle consult.”

Then we realized that they already say, “my dad is an antiques dealer and my mom blogs about Vampires.”

I used to be an artist but I forgot how to draw. I think I’m forgetting how to write most of the time too. I’m forgetting a lot of things. My world is getting smaller, yet it is more complex, and growing, and changing.

As life changes our inspiration changes. It is kind of like the moon, waxing and waning. In that way Werewolves are lucky. They have a degree of certainty in their lives.

Anyway, until I can learn to get my passion back for drawing (it was beaten out of me, long story you don’t want to hear) I’ll be inspired by other artists. I will also try to inspire those who do art or want to create.

Hey, please don’t send me “you can do it” messages about this. I appreciate it but I’m fine, really.

I’m going to be an art museum docent. I guess I already am, as I plan my final tour before I graduate and become an official docent. This is super exciting.

Now that my children are grown I’ll be teaching a new crop of children all about art, and history, and all manner of related things. I hope to inspire the young hearts and minds so that they might one day take on the world with wild abandon.

Wild abandon is something we all need. I watch my children, as grown as they are, and hope that they learn the fine line between control, and passion.

I hope they learn not to listen to assholes. I hope they know that deep down inside that in the long run their opinion about their own lives, talents, and passions is all that matters.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman




Science Fiction and… maybe not.

You never know where creative ideas are going to come from. I’m around teens a lot. Teens belch. Write what you know (so I write about teens and Vampires) but sometimes we can be inspired to write something new. I’ve never written any real hard-core science fiction. So on the drive home from skate practice yesterday I thought of a story and told my 14-year-old daughter and sounding board Clara.

My idea:

There is a planet with two different forms of life. The first form of life belches a lot. They belch out gas that the second form of life need to live.

Clara looked at me and said “Mom that isn’t one of your best efforts.” Then in a deep strong Southern accent she says, “Bob come over here and belch in my face so I can keep living.”

“I was thinking they were more like toads or something.”

“Mom, that is so lame.”

Later I told my husband who respond with “That is really bad.”

So much for being the next Philip K. Dick. Maybe on a good day I might get close to H.G. Wells. That would be a really great day.

Friday morning could have been out of a science fiction story…

Being with the elderly is always interesting. A little bit of time travel, a little bit of wisdom, a little bit of “I’m too old to give a shit about what anyone thinks” attitude. The attitude is what makes being really old so delightful.

I stopped by to see the Elders. They’re ancient Vampires. Nobody is quiet sure how old. They look like they’re around 19 or 20 but they’ve been around since before the birth of Christ. It is my job, now with the help of my brother Val, to look in on them and make sure they’re ok.

When I arrived they fluttered around me, giving kisses and hugs. They sang a song to me Irving Berlin’s “I Love to Have the Boys Around Me.” Yes, they’re pretty random, but also exceptionally sweet.

Eleora had her long reddish-brown curls up in a loose bun and a most interesting outfit. She’d taken one of those old lady track suits. You know the kind I’m talking about – velourish fabric pants and top, always matching, usually in bright colors. Always monochromatic. Eleora rarely wears trousers (what she calls all pants.) But she wanted that track suit. So she made the pants into a skirt. Remember those skirts in the 1970’s made out of jeans? The legs were split and usually patchwork fabric (yes, like a quilt) was a large triangle in the front making a swell skirt. Well, Eleora had done that with her track pants. It was a riot of colors and patterns all in reds. She was so happy twirling around for me.

So maybe I don’t need science fiction to be weird. Sometime I just need my own life, which is always weird and astounding and fantastic and full of astonishing things I could never imagine.

It is a coolish Saturday and I’m going off to downtown to have more adventures – with a car full of teens no less. Vampires on the go. We’ll see what happens.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


vampire space


Lost Inspiration



I look behind the shadows

But cannot find the words

I lost

Or the inspiration

that seems to have gone



Perhaps a walk

In the dark to find

A warm and waiting

Neck to taste

And get inspiration

The old fashioned way.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Short Story Sunday: I’ve broken up with Mr. Coffee

It is Sunday. Change your clocks for an earlier sunrise. I threw out my Mr. Coffee machine yesterday. He was like one of those bad boyfriends in a relationship full of promises but never quite measures up. The pot would remain empty and all of the water would just go up in a sputtering steam. Hot air. I replaced him with an old fashioned French Press.

Anyway, maybe it is the coffee or lack of coffee or the early sunrise or the fact that I should not be up during the light of day at all…

But I have no short story for today. No, I am not doing NaNoWriMo. I already have novels to do final drafts on, damn good novels, but I don’t want to go there. But no I’m not in a writing frenzy that is keeping me away. There is obviously no frenzy today. Not for me. There is no coffee yet either.

I’m just out of story today.

I thought of topics concerning coffee, writing, the change of weather, hot nasty Vampire love, Vampire history, Vampire visitors, Vampire college professors, more hot nasty Vampire love… but nothing made itself into a story inside of my head. I could post a story from somebody else, but I don’t want to deal with formating. Did I mention that I’m waiting for coffee? Plus there is a meeting this morning for a sport we’re involved with. I hate those meetings. It sucks the very breath out of me in a way no Vampire or ghost ever could. Most meeting with sports, school involve a lot of hot air and no coffee. Politicians are like Mr. Coffee in a lot of ways too.

I sort of hoped The Ghost would materialize in his black suit and his smirk, brushing his long hair out of his eyes, but even he is gone. Just a ghost of a ghost.

But don’t despair… I have a list of most of the previous Short Story Sundays stories so you can get your short story fix, or browse this blog for a zillion other crazy insane Vampire tales and inspirational bits or share one of your own short stories with us.

Ahhh I think it is time to press that French Press and get my brew.


Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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Where are those ideas?

Where are those ideas?