Short Story Sunday: I’ve broken up with Mr. Coffee

It is Sunday. Change your clocks for an earlier sunrise. I threw out my Mr. Coffee machine yesterday. He was like one of those bad boyfriends in a relationship full of promises but never quite measures up. The pot would remain empty and all of the water would just go up in a sputtering steam. Hot air. I replaced him with an old fashioned French Press.

Anyway, maybe it is the coffee or lack of coffee or the early sunrise or the fact that I should not be up during the light of day at all…

But I have no short story for today. No, I am not doing NaNoWriMo. I already have novels to do final drafts on, damn good novels, but I don’t want to go there. But no I’m not in a writing frenzy that is keeping me away. There is obviously no frenzy today. Not for me. There is no coffee yet either.

I’m just out of story today.

I thought of topics concerning coffee, writing, the change of weather, hot nasty Vampire love, Vampire history, Vampire visitors, Vampire college professors, more hot nasty Vampire love… but nothing made itself into a story inside of my head. I could post a story from somebody else, but I don’t want to deal with formating. Did I mention that I’m waiting for coffee? Plus there is a meeting this morning for a sport we’re involved with. I hate those meetings. It sucks the very breath out of me in a way no Vampire or ghost ever could. Most meeting with sports, school involve a lot of hot air and no coffee. Politicians are like Mr. Coffee in a lot of ways too.

I sort of hoped The Ghost would materialize in his black suit and his smirk, brushing his long hair out of his eyes, but even he is gone. Just a ghost of a ghost.

But don’t despair… I have a list of most of the previous Short Story Sundays stories so you can get your short story fix, or browse this blog for a zillion other crazy insane Vampire tales and inspirational bits or share one of your own short stories with us.

Ahhh I think it is time to press that French Press and get my brew.


Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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Where are those ideas?

Where are those ideas?

3 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: I’ve broken up with Mr. Coffee

    • Thank you and I hope all your household appliances work for a long long time…and wishing you a wonderful week with good coffee and maybe even some steaming hot Vampire love. Giggling.

      • Hmmmm…. I’d love to have the steaming hot Vampire love, the last fanged guy left me for a chick 200 years younger… – If you know a single Vampire… send him my way. LOOOOL


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