Halloween Hotties – Countdown to Halloween

Halloween will be here soon – sooner than you think!

On Tuesdays (or late Mondays) between now and Halloween I’ll feature some classic (and not so classic) HALLOWEEN HOTTIES.

And who better to start our stable than VINCENT PRICE!

Warning: PLEASE get a glass of ice cold water RIGHT now in case you have to pour it over your head to keep from passing out with the thoughts of passion!

You might just remember Vincent Price from all of the old Poe related and vampire movies. Watch this and you’ll change your mind (click here).

Warning ladies: You’ll want to watch it over and over and over. You’ll swoon for sure.


Ladies… Make Vincent Price!

Yes, I “borrowed”  this from a Facebook page. No I didn’t draw this but I wish I had. Have fun ladies!

More on Vincent Price from Vampire Maman.

xoxoxo Juliette

Make your own sexy man!

Make your own sexy man!