Black tea

Splashed with fruit

A reminder to

Get up, Get up, Get UP NOW

To the sleeping teen

Even though it is dark outside.

Monday comes,

School day,

New beginnings

For everyone.


Be inspired!

Be inspired!














And so it is. That is new beginnings and new attitudes and making changes.

But school is school. It seems that mornings are easier now, more than ever. The high school aged child is getting up and actually looking forward to school. The college age one still drags but with a new sense of urgency (so he tells me.)

I’ve been working on new things as well and finishing up old projects. The past month has been difficult and filled with loss and stupidity. I try to write to inspire or give some humor. We’ve laughed a lot but I just haven’t written it down. Sometimes my mind and fingers don’t match up – or don’t want to match up. It is sort of like telling my dog to go outside and she either sits down or goes to her bed and won’t budge.

But today is Monday. I will watch the moon fade away and the sunrise over the trees. We’ll talk on the way to school about all sorts of things.

The thing that stays clear is that we find ourselves and know ourselves. Then we need to stay true to ourselves. That is difficult when doubt is alway lurking around like a gargoyle ready to dump sludge down it’s spout onto your head. I guess the moral there is to watch for downspouts or always carry an umbrella.

I don’t believe in sheltering children in a world that is filled with monkey’s covering their faces and embracing ignorance. To over protect is to open them wide to vulnerability and ignorance of a world that can hurt them, or keep them from a world that can enlighten them. I hope that each and every day will enlighten them. A new day and a new sunrise. Yes, the birds are singing. Friends will be at school. Teachers will like them. It will be a good thing – this first day of a new week.

So rise and shine. Even if you’ve already risen or live in the shadows or want to go back to bed – shine. Just try. I’m going to.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



vampire teens

Rise and shine… even in the dark

Monday Musings and Random Ramblings





Monday  brings a promise of rain and a lot of work today for this working Vampire Maman. Not mom work but work-work. There is always mom work – that is a given.

Rain is good since we are in the midst of a drought. This is one of many droughts I’ve lived through so it isn’t as surprising or as startling as the news reports make it out to be. Yes, it is indeed serious, but not unexpected or new.

While my talents as an artist are being called upon, I fear I cannot share that work here. I can only my own personal work, not that which I’m paid to do for others.

As a creative professional, be it writing, art, music, design or acting we must all do what we need to do with no explanation to others. By working for others and being paid for it we are not selling out. We are making a living doing what we do best.

I don’t believe in suffering for my art. I don’t think anyone should suffer doing anything that involves their creative talents. Really. Of course we all must pay our dues and that can seem like suffering, but I don’t want to live in a damp basement drawing dark images and making friends with rats (who might have a car I can borrow) no more than I want to sleep in a coffin in a crypt. I’d much rather be drawing my dark images in a nice warm house with a nice cup of coffee and the sound of teens laughing in the background. I’ll leave the angst to the teens, but while we’re at it I’d just rather do away with angst in everyone – old and young.

And why yes, Vampires do drink coffee. Werewolves howl twice as much if they don’t get their share of the stuff.

There is no room in my life for angst. I’m not Little Mary Sunshine – far from it, but I’ve wasted too many years with angst and related nonsense. It is time to wake up and smell the drawing paper and get more RAM in my computer. It is time to shine, even in the darkness, even with Vampires.

Darkness, come to think about it, has nothing to do with the time of day. Dark is a state of mind. But one can make dark into something beautiful with hues of black and purple. It can be in the color of deep brown expressive eyes. It can be the beauty of shadows. It can be the depth of a river that can either take or give depending on what you see and how you choose to see it.

But enough musings (and general BS.)

It is Monday, a busy time and a good time… for coffee and rain and star gazing and life.

Wishing you all a good week.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman