Black tea

Splashed with fruit

A reminder to

Get up, Get up, Get UP NOW

To the sleeping teen

Even though it is dark outside.

Monday comes,

School day,

New beginnings

For everyone.


Be inspired!

Be inspired!














And so it is. That is new beginnings and new attitudes and making changes.

But school is school. It seems that mornings are easier now, more than ever. The high school aged child is getting up and actually looking forward to school. The college age one still drags but with a new sense of urgency (so he tells me.)

I’ve been working on new things as well and finishing up old projects. The past month has been difficult and filled with loss and stupidity. I try to write to inspire or give some humor. We’ve laughed a lot but I just haven’t written it down. Sometimes my mind and fingers don’t match up – or don’t want to match up. It is sort of like telling my dog to go outside and she either sits down or goes to her bed and won’t budge.

But today is Monday. I will watch the moon fade away and the sunrise over the trees. We’ll talk on the way to school about all sorts of things.

The thing that stays clear is that we find ourselves and know ourselves. Then we need to stay true to ourselves. That is difficult when doubt is alway lurking around like a gargoyle ready to dump sludge down it’s spout onto your head. I guess the moral there is to watch for downspouts or always carry an umbrella.

I don’t believe in sheltering children in a world that is filled with monkey’s covering their faces and embracing ignorance. To over protect is to open them wide to vulnerability and ignorance of a world that can hurt them, or keep them from a world that can enlighten them. I hope that each and every day will enlighten them. A new day and a new sunrise. Yes, the birds are singing. Friends will be at school. Teachers will like them. It will be a good thing – this first day of a new week.

So rise and shine. Even if you’ve already risen or live in the shadows or want to go back to bed – shine. Just try. I’m going to.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



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Rise and shine… even in the dark

Monday Musings and Random Ramblings





Monday  brings a promise of rain and a lot of work today for this working Vampire Maman. Not mom work but work-work. There is always mom work – that is a given.

Rain is good since we are in the midst of a drought. This is one of many droughts I’ve lived through so it isn’t as surprising or as startling as the news reports make it out to be. Yes, it is indeed serious, but not unexpected or new.

While my talents as an artist are being called upon, I fear I cannot share that work here. I can only my own personal work, not that which I’m paid to do for others.

As a creative professional, be it writing, art, music, design or acting we must all do what we need to do with no explanation to others. By working for others and being paid for it we are not selling out. We are making a living doing what we do best.

I don’t believe in suffering for my art. I don’t think anyone should suffer doing anything that involves their creative talents. Really. Of course we all must pay our dues and that can seem like suffering, but I don’t want to live in a damp basement drawing dark images and making friends with rats (who might have a car I can borrow) no more than I want to sleep in a coffin in a crypt. I’d much rather be drawing my dark images in a nice warm house with a nice cup of coffee and the sound of teens laughing in the background. I’ll leave the angst to the teens, but while we’re at it I’d just rather do away with angst in everyone – old and young.

And why yes, Vampires do drink coffee. Werewolves howl twice as much if they don’t get their share of the stuff.

There is no room in my life for angst. I’m not Little Mary Sunshine – far from it, but I’ve wasted too many years with angst and related nonsense. It is time to wake up and smell the drawing paper and get more RAM in my computer. It is time to shine, even in the darkness, even with Vampires.

Darkness, come to think about it, has nothing to do with the time of day. Dark is a state of mind. But one can make dark into something beautiful with hues of black and purple. It can be in the color of deep brown expressive eyes. It can be the beauty of shadows. It can be the depth of a river that can either take or give depending on what you see and how you choose to see it.

But enough musings (and general BS.)

It is Monday, a busy time and a good time… for coffee and rain and star gazing and life.

Wishing you all a good week.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Lost keys and lies

Every have one of those days when getting out of the house seems nearly impossible?

I couldn’t find my keys this morning and of course I was running late. And no I can’t just change myself into a bat.  That only happens in fiction.

I’m scouring the house but nothing. Then I heard a throat clearing.  I turned around and behind me is the Ghost, damn him, with my keys.

“I believe I have something of yours.” He said that with a nasty curl of his lip then flicked a lock of black hair out of his eyes.

I reached for the keys and they vanished, along with the ghost.

I let out a string of not so nice words (the kind moms pretend not to know) and then tried to sense where he could have gone.

Off of the bookshelf I grabbed the box with all of the spare keys. Does anyone else have keys to cars, doors and safe boxes they don’t even remember?

Anyway I grabbed the spare keys to my car and yelled, “If you don’t give me my keys back I’ll pour a bottle of Pinesol on your grave. I’ll pour a gallon on it.”


“I know where your grave is Nigel. I looked you up. I know all about you.”

I heard a clang as the keys dropped on the tile floor of the kitchen. I picked them up and headed for the front door.

He stood there waiting for me. “How’d you find out where my grave is?”

“I don’t even know your last name. How would I know where your grave is?” I looked at him with such calm as his eyes narrowed and threatened to turn me to ice.

“You’re a Vampire and a liar,” he snarled at me.

“And I’m really good at being both.” Then I smiled and headed out the door.

 Anyway, tell your kids that lies and bad words are not acceptable…of course unless you’re dealing with a ghost.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

 cute woman over white

Gothic Skies

This is why I don’t live in an old damp castle. Palm trees covered with vines that will be blooming with flowers in a few months. Plus dark nights that are almost always clear to see the stars and overcast mornings that remind me of the ocean.

Sacramento Sky - Palm Tree with vine and black bird 4-7-13

Sacramento Sky – Palm Tree with vine and black bird 4-7-13

What we talked about on the way to school with my teens…sad events, road trips and helping others.

What we talked about on the way to school with my teens…sad events, road trips and helping others.

On the way to school/work we always have the news on the radio in the mornings (my choice but if the story is boring or pisses me of I tell them to change to music).

Hawthorne Nevada. The explosion that killed so many Marines was tragic. I didn’t go into it, the young lives, the what if factors. It was too sad to start off the morning with. It is still too sad. My heart goes out to all of the families of those who died and to those injured.

We did discuss where Hawthorne is. We’ve driven though Hawthorne. We’ve stopped for gas. We’ve discussed the high school. What WOULD it be like to go to a high school in such an isolated place? Is it that isolated or does it just seem that way from the highway or Googlemaps?  And yes, that is relatively close to where mom got the ticket for not stopping at the stop sign after driving for 150 miles and only seeing one other car. Mom DID stop but since she had a California plate on her car she was fresh meat to the two law enforcement thugs who ticked me about a mile after the stop. Yes, the kids remember her stopping and talking about where the next highway would lead and we all laughed about the most isolated road in America and how next time we’ll think twice about blindly following directions from Googlemaps. We were all shocked to see those blue lights. Yes, I was in the right but I paid the $76 in blood money.

Had it been a B horror movie I could have gone into full Vampire mode but I had kids with me and I was tired and just wanted to get to Las Vegas before the sun came up.

I avoid going into full Vampire mode – ever. You know, just like out of a B movie. It isn’t pretty or classy. But if you are going to go into full mode the desert is a good place to do it. Don’t tell my kids I said that.

Today the Middle School students (7-8th graders) are going to volunteer at one of the larger food/clothing closets in town. Clara took 2 bags stuffed with old clothes.  Old to her but barely worn and cute and fashionable. She said that the clothes she’d help sort out the year before were ugly. She wanted the girls who came there for help to look good and feel good about themselves.

That made me think about getting girls together (boys too) and giving their old almost new or just slightly used clothing to teens who are in need. All kids need to look good. To teens fitting in means looking good and feeling good. Something to think about.  There are so many foster kids, homeless kids, and in this economy kids who live in homes where things are tight. My kids have 54,000 shirts between them (or so it seems that way) – so do their friends.  Maybe every time they buy a shirt they have to get one for someone who REALLY needs a shirt. Think about it.

I told them that I loved them, they blew me kisses. Everyone got off to school ok.

Don’t forget to talk with your kids. Make the effort and it will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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Adventure in a Cup – Musings on coffee, mornings and not being normal…



I know I’d promised you all romance, but I have to wake up first. I can do without a lot of things but going without coffee is difficult. My husband doesn’t drink coffee. He is a tea guy. I love tea, but this nocturnal lady needs her COFFEE when living in a world where everything happens during the DAY.

Yes, of course I could move to a larger city (or stay here) and live at night, but I have kids and they live in the modern world so I need my coffee.

So what will the day bring in that hot mug? I hope something good. On weekends I can linger (sometimes if there are no sports events or other kid events to race to) over a cup inside when it is damp, out on the deck when it is dry.

This isn’t the first post I’ve done about coffee and mornings. Some in my family would be shocked that I’ve become a morning person, watching the sunrise as the rest of my kind sleep. Oh well. Get over it.

So I guess this could be a romance or an adventure in a cup.

Adventure in a Cup

Adventure in a Cup










My mother worries about her children taking on too many traits of the modern world. Three out of the five of us have gone almost completely diurnal – that is we spend most of our waking hours during the day. I tend to like the idea of being crepuscular but unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t always allow it.

Diurnal= daytime,
Crepuscular= Dawntime and dusktime

Oh it would be so easy to dress in black, sleep all day, go out at night and lurk in the shadows like Vampires of old, but I have kids and a life outside of what I eat. That is…when I have coffee.


So it is time for all of my Vampire Mom friends to WAKE UP!














Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend with your kids, husbands, friends off all kinds and watch out for ghosts and other unreasonable creatures!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Be inspired!

Be inspired!