Adventure in a Cup – Musings on coffee, mornings and not being normal…



I know I’d promised you all romance, but I have to wake up first. I can do without a lot of things but going without coffee is difficult. My husband doesn’t drink coffee. He is a tea guy. I love tea, but this nocturnal lady needs her COFFEE when living in a world where everything happens during the DAY.

Yes, of course I could move to a larger city (or stay here) and live at night, but I have kids and they live in the modern world so I need my coffee.

So what will the day bring in that hot mug? I hope something good. On weekends I can linger (sometimes if there are no sports events or other kid events to race to) over a cup inside when it is damp, out on the deck when it is dry.

This isn’t the first post I’ve done about coffee and mornings. Some in my family would be shocked that I’ve become a morning person, watching the sunrise as the rest of my kind sleep. Oh well. Get over it.

So I guess this could be a romance or an adventure in a cup.

Adventure in a Cup
Adventure in a Cup










My mother worries about her children taking on too many traits of the modern world. Three out of the five of us have gone almost completely diurnal – that is we spend most of our waking hours during the day. I tend to like the idea of being crepuscular but unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t always allow it.

Diurnal= daytime,
Crepuscular= Dawntime and dusktime

Oh it would be so easy to dress in black, sleep all day, go out at night and lurk in the shadows like Vampires of old, but I have kids and a life outside of what I eat. That is…when I have coffee.


So it is time for all of my Vampire Mom friends to WAKE UP!













Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend with your kids, husbands, friends off all kinds and watch out for ghosts and other unreasonable creatures!

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


Be inspired!
Be inspired!


  1. Even God needs that first cup of coffee in the morning….., I’ve shared a table with him a time or two. Tea is alright…, but mainly at night…, coffee starts the day just right.

  2. I wish I could lead a crepuscular life. But I love my coffee. I even started a blog for photos of coffee dedicated to Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. Did you ever watch that? It’s kind of silly, but I have fun with it.

    1. I was living in the hills without a TV when Twin Peaks was on. I’ll have to go back and watch the series. It is amazing how a show that has been off the air for so long still gets so much buzz!

      1. Agent Dale Cooper remains one of my all time favorite tv characters. Back when it aired, I was really the only one in my circle to like the show though.

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